Do you know what happens in the last quarter of every year?

Self-Love Rainbow (formerly Blessing Manifesting) launches its yearly self-care planner. And this year is no different.Available for purchase on Self-Love Rainbow’s website, the 2023 Self-Care Planner comes in both printed and digital versions.

The printed versions are available through Lulu Publishing – a print-on-demand company, while the digital versions can be downloaded directly from the website.And both printed and digital planners are available in colour and black and white options, as well as a “Witchy” version. The witchy version comes with additional spiritual pages and is designed a little differently.

Go here to check out the planners.

More about Self-Love Rainbow’s 2023 Self-Care Planner

2023 Self-Care Planner by Self-Love Rainbow

If you’re a regular on Self-Love Rainbow, then you know exactly what to expect with the 2023 Self-Care Planner.

But if you’ve never downloaded or purchased a resource from Dominee – the creator and founder of Self-Love Rainbow, it can be hard to imagine what to expect.So here’s what you need to know about the 2023 Self-Care Planner by Self-Love Rainbow:

  • This year’s launch marks 10 years of the self-care planner
  • The planner includes reflection pages, with questions to help you take stock of the previous year.
  • It also has a goals section where you can write down your self-care goals for 2023.
  • You’ll have a choice between getting the digital or printed planner, as well as the original or witchy version. Either option comes with both coloured and black and white interiors.
  • Every planner includes special notes on personal growth, self-love, and mental health.
  • Expect a list of self-care ideas for every week.
Buy the planner. The digital version is only $10.

In the End

There are lots of self-care planners on the market. And we bet you have your yearly go-to.

But if you’re on the lookout for a planner that prioritizes self-love and mental health, the 2023 Self-Care Planner by Self-Love Rainbow is exactly what you need.Go here to take a thorough look at it. Read more about what’s included in the planner, and feel free to explore Dominee’s vault of resources; both free and paid. She has plenty of resources on personal growth, mental health, and self-love.

All of these, we believe, will be very helpful in your growth journey as a highly sensitive person (HSP).

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