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8 Blogs to Follow if You’re a Highly Sensitive Person

Highly Sensitive Person blogs and websites

For a while now, we’ve been actively searching for resources for highly sensitive people. And HSP blogs have been some of the most amazing resources we’ve come across.

Because they’re free, and filled with lots of actionable advice.

So if you’re highly sensitive and you’d love to immerse yourself in a blog or two for highly sensitive people, this post is for you.

And please note: The list below is in no particular order. But all HSP blogs listed here have been carefully selected to match the following criteria:

  • All the information on the blog is current. (i.e. it’s been updated in 2023)
  • The person (or people) running the blog identify as highly sensitive.
  • Resources on the blog are easily accessible.

So as you read through the blogs listed here, be certain they meet all these three conditions.

Let’s dive in.

8 HSP Blogs to Follow and Subscribe to

Highly Sensitive Person blogs and websites

1. Happy Highly Sensitive Life

Are you a highly sensitive person who dreams of living with greater ease, passion, and purpose? The Happy Highly Sensitive Life blog is for you.

It’s run by Marya Choby – an HSP coach who likes to think of herself as a BFF to HSPs.

And she offers practical resources in the form of blog posts, email newsletters, downloadables, and a recently launched podcast.

On the Happy Highly Sensitive Life blog, you’re also going to learn more about a tool called Human Design. I’m yet to understand how exactly it works, but Marya talks about it a lot on the blog, podcast and her social platforms.

So you should be in a position to learn more from her.

Visit Marya’s blog.

2. Highly Sensitive Refuge

Chances are this is not the first time you’ve heard of the Highly Sensitive Refuge blog. Because it’s super popular in the HSP community with thousands of readers and followers.

And with all the amazing content it carries, it’s definitely worth a mention.

Highly Sensitive Refuge (HSR) is a product of Jenn Granneman and Andre Sólo. The two are on a mission to change the way the world sees and talks about, highly sensitive people (HSPs).

They want to normalize the fact that there’s nothing with being an HSP. And they’re doing so one blog post at a time.

Important to note: HSR invites other HSPs and experts to write for the blog, so you can expect to find something so darn relatable.

Visit the Blog.

3. HSP Blog by Julie Bjelland

Julie Bjelland is a psychotherapist specializing in the trait of high sensitivity. We talk about her a lot on this blog and on this post here.

On her website, Julie has a blog section dedicated to discussing and offering solutions to HSP problems.

She does the writing herself, and will occasionally invite an outsider expert to tackle some of the topics. So you can expect to learn a lot from Julie’s HSP blog.

It’s also worth mentioning that there are a ton of resources available on this blog, including free masterclasses, guides, a podcast, books, journals, and online courses.

Visit Julie’s blog.

4. HiSensitives

With a logo so beautiful and meaningful you’d want to get a tattoo of it, HiSensitives couldn’t miss an entry in this list of HSP blogs.

It’s a personal development platform for highly sensitive people and empaths and is run by Ann-Kathrin Walter and Riny – a couple.

On HiSensitives, expect to find resources across numerous articles (written by Ann-Kathrin and guest writers), digital downloads, a newsletter, and a Facebook community. And while you’re there, consider browsing through the blog’s dedicated resource page. It has a list of other resources available on the web.

As with Marya Choby’s blog, HiSensitives also talks about the Human Design tool. In fact, Ann-Kathrin has an ultimate guide (that we’re yet to read) explaining what it is and how to use it as an HSP.

Visit the HiSensitives blog.

5. OliveMe Counseling Blog

OliveMe Counselling is a therapy practice by Joanne B. Kim, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). The practice has a website, and on this website, Joanne Kim writes and publishes blog posts around her key areas of focus.

Which, not surprisingly, includes highly sensitive persons (HSPs).

On this HSP blog, expect to find help with painful relationships, difficult emotions (such as anxiety, guilt, shame, and anger), and Trauma & Abuse.

Joanne uses techniques such as Brainspotting and Enneagram to help her patients and you can expect mentions of this on her blog.

P.S: We first heard of Brainspotting while going through the OliveMe Counselling website. And we have no idea what it means. But we believe Joanne Kim has an explanation for it somewhere.

Visit the OliveMe blog.

6. Sensitive Evolution by Maria Hill

If you don’t know who Maria Hill is, she’s the author of the book: The Emerging Sensitive Person. She also has a year-long online course, The Emerging Sensitive Program. All of which are available on her website, Sensitive Evolution.

But because this post is about HSP blogs, we’ll stick to discussing the blog.

The Sensitive Evolution blog promotes the self-actualization of highly sensitive people by addressing the many challenges of being an HSP.

On the blog, expect to find recent articles written by Maria Hill (and sometimes, other writers) exploring a range of HSP problems. These include time pressure, loneliness, burnout, boundaries, vulnerability, race & culture, connections, and change.

So expect a ton of resources from this HSP blog, including a movie club, and an online library.

Visit the Sensitive Evolution blog.

7. The Comfort Zone Blog by Elaine N. Aron, PhD

We’re forever grateful to Dr. Elaine Aron for giving us the trait of high sensitivity and a reason to never feel alone.

In fact, every now and then we’ll go back to her website to read through her research summaries and see what’s new.

And while she doesn’t update the blog as regularly as the others on this list, it still has recent articles and a ton of resources for HSPs.

Including books, a movie and documentary, a comprehensive directory of HSP professionals, research, self-tests, and events to attend.

Visit Dr. Aron’s blog.

8. The Highly Sensitive Humans Blog

Highly Sensitive Humans is a website for highly sensitive people by Jules De Vitto – a Transpersonal Coach based in London. And as part of this website, there’s a blog section where Jules shares her knowledge and experience dealing with other HSPs.

Jules runs this blog alongside her coaching practice, workshops, website, and podcast. And while she doesn’t post regularly, the blog is host to great HSP content.

Her latest blog post, published on February 9th, is on How to Live an Empowered Life & Thrive as a Highly Sensitive Person. The same name as her 8-Week Online course.

In the End

These are the HSP blogs we love and follow as highly sensitive people who also happen to be high sensation seekers (HSSs) and empaths.

So we have a feeling that if you’re highly sensitive, you’re going to love one (or all) of these blogs. And if there’s one you love that we left out, be sure to let me know in the comments.


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