Being a highly sensitive person (HSP) in a world that doesn’t yet appreciate high sensitivity can feel lonely. But finding a community that appreciates and respects your trait can be the start of something great.

And that’s why joining an HSP community like the Sensitive Empowerment Community by Julie Bjelland is so important.

But before we get into the why, let’s answer a few important questions you may be having.

Who is Julie Bjelland?

Julie Bjelland is a licensed Psychotherapist specializing in the trait of high sensitivity. She researches, teaches, and works with HSPs around the world. And in her many years of doing this, she’s created a collection of resources to help HSPs thrive.

Learn more about Julie and her free and affordable resources here.

What is an HSP Community?

To understand what an HSP community is, we must be familiar with what HSP stands for, and what a community is.

As you may already know, HSP stands for Highly Sensitive Person. It’s a term coined by Dr. Elaine N. Aron to define the 20-30% of the population with the trait of sensory processing sensitivity (SPS). A trait simply referred to as High Sensitivity.

And a community is a group of people with a common interest. Or a group of people sharing similar characteristics and joining together in support of one another. In this case, the common interest is being a highly sensitive person

From this information, we can define an HSP community as a group of highly sensitive people supporting one another in their individual highly-sensitive life journeys. Or in simpler terms, an HSP community is a highly sensitive person support group.

What’s the Importance of an HSP Community?

The main importance of an HSP community is providing support. Everything else falls under this supportive umbrella. And as Julie Bjelland, creator of the Sensitive Empowerment Community says,

HSPs thrive so fully when we are navigating the world together.

And in a world where high sensitivity is still frowned upon, this couldn’t be truer. A community of HSPs would be the perfect support system for any HSP. Even you, friend.

So open your mind and heart, and walk with us as we talk about Julie’s Sensitive Empowerment Community.

What is The Sensitive Empowerment Community?

What you need to know about the sensitive empowerment community

Would you benefit from having an online community dedicated to your growth as an HSP? A place you can ask questions, get support, learn about the trait, and find true personal empowerment??

Meet The Sensitive Empowerment Community – a membership-based online community where HSPs can meet and interact without shame or judgement. 

An online community where you not only interact with other HSPs but also learn more about high sensitivity in special live events specifically created for the community. 

Some of these events are hosted by Julie, while others are hosted by invited HSP experts. And regardless of who the speaker is, HSPs who are members of this community get full access to these events, as well as any other resource on the entire Julie Bjelland website.

And in bullet points, here’s exactly what you get in the Sensitive Empowerment Community:

  • Live Events – hosted by Julie and invited guest speakers.
  • Podcasts – hosted by Julie and Willow McIntosh of Inluminance.
  • Articles – most written by Julie, some by invited guest authors.
  • Guest HSP speakers – experts in the HSP community.
  • Self-care and Self-love reminders – shared regularly to improve your daily experience as an HSP.

Why Should You Join The Sensitive Empowerment Community?

If what we’ve already told you about this HSP community by Julie Bjelland isn’t enough to get you to join, here are 4 reasons why you should become a member.

1. Learn to balance and honour your sensitive nervous system. 

Being an HSP means you have a highly sensitive nervous system. In the community, Julie explains more about the brain differences found in HSPs and teaches how you can leverage them for a better balance. This information is only available through Julie’s HSP courses.

2. Understand your incredible value as an HSP. 

We’re often told to toughen up as HSPs. As if our sensitivity is a weakness. If you’re tired of feeling weak as an HSP, join Julie’s community to learn the value of being an HSP in a world that doesn’t appreciate you. 

And in so doing, understand and embrace your incredible value so you can thrive fully as an HSP.

3. Learn to love who you are as an HSP. 

It’s easy to hate yourself when you don’t understand everything that you are and the fact that you’re not alone. In Julie’s community, you’ll have the chance to meet other HSPs from around the world. 

These HSPs are learning to love themselves by understanding the secret superpowers of highly sensitive people. And in the process, you too will learn these secrets and love who you are as an HSP.

4. Be empowered to share your gifts. 

After learning to see your high sensitivity as a strength and not a weakness. And as a gift, not a curse. The tools available in the sensitive empowerment community will empower you to share these gifts with the world.

How Do You Join The Sensitive Empowerment Community?

The process to join Julie Bjelland’s Sensitive Empowerment Community is pretty much straightforward. And it goes like this:

  1. Visit this link and click on the “Join Us” button. Or scroll down to learn a little more about the community. And when you’re sold, click on the blue button written “Join the Sensitive Empowerment Community” at the bottom.
  2. Choose a Plan. The buttons above will direct you to a completely different site — where the community lives. There are two plans to choose from: the $40/month and the $50/month. The former gives you access to the community and 3 additional groups. The latter includes 4 additional groups.
  3. Explore Members-Only Resources. While Julie has a free vault of HSP resources available to every HSP visiting her website, the Sensitive Empowerment community has additional resources for its members. You’ll find live events, workshops, guides, and podcasts that are not available to non-members.

And that’s how to join the Sensitive Empowerment community by Julie Bjelland. If you have any questions about this HSP community, the community homepage has all the information you need to know.

In the End

If you’re looking for support as a highly sensitive person, an HSP community is what you need. Today we’ll tell you The Sensitive Empowerment Community is a great place to find the support you crave.

Tomorrow, we’ll probably tell you of another HSP community that’s also great. And in the end, you get to decide what works for you and what doesn’t.

So take the time to explore Julie’s HSP community to see if it’s a good fit for you. Consider trying it out for one month to see if you like it. And if you find that you don’t, you can explore these other communities to find a good fit.

And remember: The Sensitive Empowerment Community is NOT hosted on social media. So you don’t need to be on Facebook or another social platform to join. All you’ll need is access to the internet and a monthly subscription.


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