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Luke Goss is a Highly Sensitive Person. Did You Know?

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Here at HSP Tools, famous people who identify as highly sensitive people (HSPs) are considered a resource. This is because they add to the faces of HSPs around the world and make living life as an HSP easier to fall in love.

And that’s why today, we’re talking about Luke Goss being a highly sensitive person.

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So, Who is Luke Goss?

Luke Goss is an Artist, Musician, Filmmaker, Actor, and Author.

As an artist, Luke debuted his first art exhibition “Love and Faith” in 2021. It’s an inspiring collection of art that you should go check out. And what’s more? One of his paintings in the collection, “Love Revolution”, is a call for kind and sensitive people to come together and change the world.

As a Musician, Luke was a member of the UK boy band “Bros” alongside his twin brother Matt Goss. They however split up and went on to pursue separate career paths. Luke was a drummer while in the band, but thereafter went on to release his own music. To listen to some of Luke’s music, here’s “Free”

As a Filmmaker, Luke has produced and directed at least 10 movies, series, and documentaries. These include 2020’s “Paydirt”, 2019’s “The Last Boy”, 2018’s “After the Screaming Stops”, and the 2016 movie “Your Move”, among others.

As an Actor, we believe Luke Goss needs no introduction. But we’ll name some of his great works anyway, for those not familiar with him. Luke is known for his characters in Death Race 2&3, Blade II, and Hellboy II. Most recently, though, Luke has starred in Override, The Loss Adjuster, Paydirt, Legacy, and Hollow Point.

As an Author, Luke Goss has written and published “Desert Conversation”. The book follows Luke into the desert for a camping trip, where he checks in with himself over the course of 4 days and nights. This book is also available as an audiobook in his voice.

How Do We Know Luke Goss is a Highly Sensitive Person?

Luke Goss is a Highly Sensitive Person

Remember “Sensitive -The Untold Story”, a documentary about the innate trait of high sensitivity?

The documentary features HSP pioneer Dr. Elaine N. Aron and 7-time Grammy winner Alanis Morissette. And in it, Dr. Aron and Alanis discuss what it was like growing up as highly sensitive people (HSPs) and how that has shaped them today.

If you haven’t watched the documentary, rent it out on Amazon for $2.99. It’s a great watch.

And the reason we’re telling you about this documentary is that the director, Will Harper, is also directing a similar documentary focusing on the highly sensitive man. It’s called Sensitive Men Rising and will feature a number of highly sensitive men, including Luke Goss.

As far as we know, Sensitive Men Rising hasn’t been released to the world yet. But you can watch its official trailer here, as well as other trailers and behind-the-scenes videos of the documentary. These are available on Dr. Tracy Cooper’s YouTube Channel.

And that was how we found out that Luke Goss is a highly sensitive person (HSP). 

As a very sensitive person, do I speak about this openly? Of course. I think … as our awareness of ourselves rises, we will become more conscious.

If you were to look closely at Luke’s Instagram account, you’ll see this trait manifest in his art, music, and words.

In The End

Knowing Luke Goss is a highly sensitive person (HSP) brings us so much joy.

This is because seeing another famous person own being an HSP makes high sensitivity a little more acceptable. It breaks the stigma surrounding being sensitive, and when the person is a man, it challenges traditional views of masculinity.

So we hope you love and appreciate this fact as much as we do.

And just as a reminder, former US president Barack Obama, singer-songwriter Lenny Kravitz, and Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) are highly sensitive people. So were the late Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, and Nelson Mandela.

Want to know if you’re a highly sensitive person? Take this free quiz.

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