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New to HSP Tools and the Highly Sensitive Person Trait? Start Here!

Are you new to HSP Tools and the Highly Sensitive Person trait? Welcome! This online platform shares the latest news, tips, tools and resources to help you live your best HSP life.

On this page, we will help you navigate the website so you know exactly where to start and where to go next. We will also share valuable resources to help you learn how to thrive as a Highly Sensitive Person.

Are you ready to dive in?

Let’s get to it.

Start Here if You’re New to HSP Tools and the HSP Trait

New to HSP Tools and the Highly Sensitive Person trait? Start Here.

1. Take a Free HSP Test to Know Your Sensitivity Score

Do you know how you score on the Sensitivity Scale? The following HSP tests will help you learn if you are on the low, medium, or high side.

Find more HSP tests and quizzes in this post.

2. Understand What It Means to Be a Highly Sensitive Person.

Have you taken one (or all three) of the HSP tests above and found you are a Highly Sensitive Person? Now is a great time to learn more about the HSP trait. 

Use the following HSP resources to educate yourself:

After understanding what being an HSP means, it’s time to indulge in topic-specific tips and resources. And because you are new to HSP Tools, you can start with the posts our readers love.

These are the most-visited and most-read posts on

4. Browse HSP Resources by Category

We try to categorize every resource we share here on HSP Tools. And whatever we can’t add to available categories ends up in the Blog section or as a standalone item on the menu.

These are the main categories of HSP Tools:

  1. HSP News
  2. HSP Tips
  3. HSP Books
  4. HSP Blogs & Websites
  5. HSP Communities
  6. HSP Courses
  7. HSP Masterclasses
  8. HSP Experts (People)
  9. HSP Podcasts
  10. HSP Quizzes
  11. HSP Quotes

Final Word for those New to HSP Tools and the Highly Sensitive Person Trait

New to HSP Tools? Thank you so much for visiting us. And we hope you will love being here.

We share our latest posts on three Social Media Platforms: InstagramPinterest, and Facebook. The rest don’t quite align with our sensitivities and preferences, so we are always on and off. (Sidenote: We hate DMs, so use email only to reach us.)

We also have a weekly newsletter sharing the latest posts from our blog and the web. Subscribe here to receive our email every Saturday.

Are you new to the Highly Sensitive Person trait? We are so excited for you! There’s so much to discover, and the resources on this website are only a few of what you will encounter.

Every day we learn something new or run into a resource we didn’t know existed. So have fun exploring, and remember that your trait is a gift.


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