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Cheri Gregory, HSP Coach & Mentor

Cheri Gregory, HSP Coach & Mentor

Cheri is an author, speaker and HSP mentor. She’s the founder of Sensitive and Strong – a safe space for the HSP Christian woman, co-author of You Don’t Have to Try So Hard, Overwhelmed, and Exhale

And she’s the creator of the Sensitive and Strong Community Cafe – a membership community for Highly Sensitive Christian Women.

More about Cheri Gregory (from her Website)

Cheri spent most of her life like most Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) – thinking something was wrong with her. But after learning she was an HSP — Highly Sensitive Person, she realised God made her different … not defective.

And from her work with hundreds of other Christian women who are also HSPs, she understands how easily we can become overstimulated and overwhelmed.

She also sees the many strengths we offer our families, friends, and the world because of our God-given sensitivities.

According to Cheri Gregory,

When you quit trying to be like everyone else, you enjoy new-found freedoms. And as you rely on Jesus to be the Strength of your tender heart, you find contentment, confidence, and unexpected joy.

Learn more about Cheri Gregory on her  Website.

HSP Resources by Cheri Gregory, HSP Coach & Mentor

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