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Our Top Recommendations

At HSP Tools, we strive to help Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) discover the best resources for their HSP journey. We scour the internet to find available HSP resources and then add them to our directory for sensitive people to discover.

These resources include books, blogs, courses, communities, people, podcasts and more. On this page, find our top picks under these categories. The entries are listed based on the topic the resource focuses on.

HSP Blogs & Websites

HSP Books

About the HSP Trait

For HSP Men

For HSPs at Work

For HSP Therapists

For the Highly Sensitive Child

For Sensitive Empaths

For HSPs in Love

HSP Communities


  • The Sensitive Empowerment Community by Julie Bjelland
  • Are You Highly Sensitive (AYHS) Community by Alane Freund
  • The Haven Community by Andy Mort
  • The Sensitive & Strong Community Cafe

Meetup- Based

  • HSP Men’s Group – Hosted by William B. Allen, meets twice a month on Zoom.

HSP Courses

Coaching Courses

Courses For Anxiety

Boundary Setting Courses

For Your Nervous System

Free HSP Masterclasses

About the HSP Trait

  • Understanding the Highly Sensitive Person – 45-minute talk by Alane Freund

For Sensitive Empaths

  • Being an Empath Today – Surviving and thriving with the gifts of Sensitivity. Taught by Judith Orloff, MD

About Business

About Anxiety

  • Are You Truly Anxious or a Highly Sensitive Person – with Alane Freund
  • How to Manage High-Functioning Anxiety and Become a Powerful Presence in Your Workplace with Dr. Michaela
  • High Sensitivity and Anxiety – free HSP masterclass with Julie Bjelland

On HSP Coaching

  • How to Reveal Your Unique Methodology as an HSP and Become an In-demand Coach – with Willow McIntosh

HSP Practitioners

HSP Researchers

  • Elaine N. Aron, PhD – HSP Researcher and Psychologist.
  • Michael Pluess, PhD – Sensitivity Researcher
  • Bianca P. Acevedo

International Consultants on High Sensitivity (ICHS)

HSP Therapists

HSP Coaches

  • Dr. Michaela Dunbar
  • Andy Mort
  • Jules De Vitto
  • Heather Dominick
  • Cheri Gregory

HSP Podcasts

All Topics

Business Podcasts

On Parenting

Relationship Podcasts

HSP Quizzes

To Know if You’re an HSP

For Sensation Seeking HSPs

For Sensitive Children

Find More HSP Resources in Our Directories

Can’t find the resource or practitioner you seek in our top recommendations for HSP resources? Search our directories to discover more people and tools for your HSP journey.

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