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Reframing our Beliefs to feel more Empowered as HSPs - Online Course

Reframing our Beliefs to feel more Empowered as HSPs - Online Course
For: All HSPs
Price: $29
Type: Online Course
Topic: Limiting Beliefs

Are your limiting beliefs about the trait of High Sensitivity keeping you from thriving as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSPs)? Would you like to reframe those beliefs and go from surviving to thriving as an HSP?

In Reframing Our Beliefs to Feel More Empowered, explore your Sensitivity beliefs and learn how to let go of those that have kept you stuck. Also, learn how to feel more empowered by re-writing these beliefs, letting go and entering a flow state.

Your course instructor will be Jules De Vitto —  a Transpersonal Coach and founder of Highly Sensitive Humans Academy.

Inside Reframing Our Beliefs Online Course

Priced at $29 and with ten lessons, this online HSP course by Jules De Vitto covers the following topics:

— Beliefs Surrounding Our Sensitivity

— Childhood Experiences

— Exploring our Limiting Beliefs & Stories

— Beliefs surrounding our Emotions

— Letting Go and Reframing Our Beliefs

— Letting go of Emotions & Limiting Beliefs

— Meditation on Letting Go

— Workshop: How to Overcome Limiting Belief

— Download Workbook: Letting go of Limiting Beliefs

Visit this page to learn more and enrol in this online course for HSPs.

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