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The HSP Recharge Guide - Digital Download by Louise Henning

The HSP Recharge Guide - Digital Download by Louise Henning
For: All HSPs
Resource Type: PDF Download
Topic: how to recharge

Do you often feel drained but can’t find the time or energy to figure out what you need to do to recharge?

Are you Highly Sensitive and overwhelmed by not knowing how to calm your sensitive nervous system?

You might find The HSP Recharge Guide helpful.

What is The HSP Recharge Guide?

Created by Louise Henning, a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and coach for HSPs, the guide shares advice and tools to help you establish a recharge strategy.

It features seven talking points, a worksheet, and journal prompts. And it helps you learn the following:

— Questions to ask yourself to get to know your needs

— How to process difficult emotions

— A strategy to develop a strong and healthy self-esteem

— How to reconnect with your authentic self

The guide is for HSPs who often feel drained, want to be more confident, and need guidance figuring out a reliable self-care strategy.

Get The HSP Recharge guide.

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