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Looking for a Self-Care Planner for 2024? You Might Like this One by Self-Love Rainbow!

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Do you know what happens every last quarter of the year?

Self-Love Rainbow (formerly Blessing Manifesting) launches its yearly self-care planner. And this year is no different.

Available for purchase on Self-Love Rainbow’s Shopify store, the 2024 Self-Care Planner comes as a printable digital file.

The planner is also editable, meaning you can fill it in digitally on tools like Adobe and Good Notes.

The planners are available in colour, black and white, and a “Witchy” version. And the witchy version comes with additional spiritual pages and is designed slightly differently.

Use the code HSP Tools for 10% off.

Get the 2024 Self-Care Planner by Self-Love Rainbow
The Coloured Version (Image by Self-Love Rainbow)
Learn about Self-love Rainbow's Self-Care Planner
The Witchy Version (Image by Self-Love Rainbow)

More about Self-Love Rainbow’s 2024 Self-Care Planner

If you’re a regular on Self-Love Rainbow, then you know exactly what to expect with the 2024 Self-Care Planner.

But if you’ve never downloaded or purchased a resource from Dominee – the creator and founder of Self-Love Rainbow, it can be hard to imagine what to expect.

So here’s what you need to know about the 2024 Self-Care Planner by Self-Love Rainbow:

  • This year’s launch marks 11 years of the self-care planner
  • The planner includes reflection pages with questions to help you take stock of the previous year.
  • It also has a goals section where you can write down your self-care goals for 2024.
  • You’ll have a choice between getting the digital or printed planner and the original or witchy version. Either option comes with both coloured and black and white interiors.
  • Every planner includes special notes about personal growth, self-love, and mental health.
  • Expect a list of self-care ideas for every week.

Buy the planner today. The digital version is only $10.

Learn more about the 2024 self-care planner by Self-Love Rainbow

Final Word on The 2024 Self-Care Planner

There are lots of self-care planners on the market. And we bet you have your yearly go-to.

But if you’re searching for a planner prioritizing self-love and mental health, the 2024 Self-Care Planner by Self-Love Rainbow might be the perfect choice.

Go here to take a thorough look at it.

Read more about what’s included in the planner, and feel free to explore Dominee’s vault of resources, both free and paid. She has plenty of resources on personal growth, mental health, and self-love.

All of these, we believe, will be very helpful in your growth journey as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

>> Explore More Resources by Dominee of Self-Love Rainbow <<

Remember to use HSP Tools for 10% off.

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