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Featured Image for the Genius of Empathy Book

The Genius of Empathy Book by Dr. Judith Orloff is Finally Here! Get Your Copy Today.

Are you a Highly Sensitive Empath? If yes, you probably know of Judith Orloff, MD and her many resources for sensitive empaths. You also probably know that her latest book … Read more
Featured Image for How to Become a High Sensory Coach article.

What is a High Sensory Coach and How Do You Become One?

Please Note: During April, enter the code SPECIAL33 at checkout to receive a 33% discount for the High Sensory coaching program by Inluminance. The offer is valid for the first … Read more
Become an Accredited HSP Coach Featured Image

How (and Why) to Become an Accredited Coach for Highly Sensitive People

Would you like to become an accredited coach for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) but are unsure if HSP coaching is the right career path for you? In this post, learn … Read more
Featured Image for Invitation to Participate in HSP Research Post

You’re Invited to Participate in HSP Research. Are You Interested?

Are you a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) committed to spreading awareness and educating people about the gifts of High Sensitivity? Would you like to see more research studies focus on … Read more
Learn about The Highly Sensitive Hub by Jules De Vitto

About The Highly Sensitive Hub: Everything You Need to Know

April Update: You can now join the Highly Sensitive Hub with a scholarship and pay $197 instead of $499 for the annual membership. And when you use the code HSH10, … Read more
Learn about the 3 types of Highly Sensitive People (HSPs)

These are the 3 Types of Highly Sensitive People (according to Dr. Elaine Aron)

It’s easy to think Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) are cut from the same cloth. To think they’re all the same because they share common characteristics of High Sensitivity. And to … Read more
Featured image for key takeaways from the Global HSP Summit

#GlobalHSPSummit 2024: These are My Key Takeaways from the 14-Day Event

The 2024 Global HSP Summit is a 14-day online gathering bringing together 25 experts to speak on different topics affecting the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). Jill Marie Haas, an Integrative … Read more
The Global HSP Summit runs from February 19 to March 4.

#GlobalHSPSummit 2024: Learn From 25 HSP Experts in 14 Days

Are you attending the Global HSP Summit starting today, February 19, 2024? The summit is a 14-day online event hosting over 20 experts and thought leaders in the Highly Sensitive … Read more
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