HSP Tools is a website and blog sharing free and affordable resources for the Highly Sensitive Person.

Anything more than that is either unnecessary or can be termed as too much information.

But we’ll tell you more anyway, so you can decide which of the two is.

Who We Are

At HSPTools.com, our pronouns are we, they and them. The website is run by a one-woman team, with an emphasis on the team.

This means that even though one person runs HSP Tools – an introverted Highly Sensitive Person with high sensation-seeking tendencies – we still identify as a collective.

What We Do

We start by scouring the web for free and affordable resources for highly sensitive people (HSPs). We then sort these resources to identify the most valuable of them all – at a pocket-friendly price, of course.

And then we publish the winning resources on the site and embark on a distribution process to reach HSPs wherever they are.

Why We Exist

HSP Tools exists to connect HSPs to all the wonderful resources available on the web. Because we understand, first-hand, how hard finding the answers and resources we seek can be.

And we want to make the process easier by availing all HSP tools and resources in one place.

Think of us as a market. Be it a farmers market, flea market, supermarket, e.t.c.

Markets provide a central place for owners to showcase their products and consumers to explore available products. Owners make money, and consumers meet their needs.

That’s what HSP Tools is – a market. Showcasing HSP products and services and inviting HSP consumers to browse and find what meets their needs.

And the latter is why we exist – to provide a space for struggling HSPs to find resources that empower them to live their best lives.

Next Steps

Now that you know about us, how about you join HSP Tools on this journey to create a one-stop shop for everything HSP?

Here are three ways you can join us.

  • Contribute Content – There are two ways to contribute content at HSP Tools: Share Your Story, or Share a Resource. If you have one or both of these, feel free to reach out and contribute.
  • Subscribe – We send out a weekly newsletter every Saturday. And we call it The HSP Edit. You can support us by adding your email to our list of subscribers.
  • Buy Us a Coffee – It takes long hours to search and curate available resources for HSPs. If you love the resources we share and would love to support us at the price of a coffee, feel free to do so. Although, if we’re completely honest about our sensitivities, there’s a chance we’ll exchange the coffee for a hot chocolate.

And that’s pretty much what there is to know about HSP Tools. If you have any questions or would love to say hi, use this contact form and we’ll get back to you shortly.