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Lori L. Cangilla, PhD - HSP Psychologist & Author

Lori L. Cangilla, PhD – HSP Psychologist & Author

Lori L.Cangilla is a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), Psychologist, and Author working with Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) and fellow therapists.

She is the creator of Singularly Sensitive – a therapy approach that focuses on each individual’s journey as an HSP instead of a pre-set methodology. 

The technique relies greatly on journalling, narrative therapy, and other strengths-based therapeutic approaches to achieve healing in Highly Sensitive women.

“The Singularly Sensitive approach to therapy is designed to be creative, holistic, and mindful, incorporating a wide range of skills. All parts of you—including the most sensitive—are invited to the therapeutic space so that you can foster self-acceptance and alignment with your values.” 

Dr. Lori L. Cangilla is also the author of Wander and Delve: A Journal for Bright, Creative, Highly Sensitive People Forging Their Way

The book demonstrates the power of journaling in identifying unique struggles, experimenting with different changes, and developing a Singularly Sensitive lifestyle that helps you thrive.

Visit Lori’s Website.

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