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Is Your Nervous System Dysregulated? - Free Assessment by Dr. Linnea Passaler

Is Your Nervous System Dysregulated? - Free Assessment by Dr. Linnea Passaler
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About: Dysregulated Nervous System

How well do you understand the health of your nervous system?

As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), your sensitive nervous system makes you highly prone to suffering from anxiety, burnout, stress, and other chronic symptoms.

According to Dr. Linnea Passaler, founder and CEO of Heal Your Nervous System, the root cause of these issues is a dysregulated nervous system.

So, by reversing the state of your nervous system from a place of dysregulation to a place of healing, an HSP can finally overcome chronic symptoms.

But how do you know if you have a dysregulated nervous system?

Dr. Linnea Passaler has a free assessment on her website that you can take today. The assessment takes you through a series of questions and provides a detailed report on the state of your nervous system.

The report includes a comprehensive breakdown of your dysregulation, including physical, emotional, and sensory elements. It also features a walkthrough video explaining your results and advice on the steps to take to reverse dysregulation.

The assessment is usually available inside The Nervous System Solution. But with the upcoming release of the Heal Your Nervous System book, Dr. Linnea is offering the assessment free for a limited time.

Go here to take the assessment.

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