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Studio Sensitive - HSP Website by Louise Henning

Studio Sensitive - HSP Website by Louise Henning
Format: Website
About: the Highly Sensitive Person

Studio Sensitive is a website for and about Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) sharing information, resources, and coaching services.

It’s a project by Louise Henning – a mentor and coach helping HSPs find confidence and tools for their sensitive journey.

What You’ll Find on Studio Sensitive

On Studio Sensitive, you can learn more about Louise Henning, the Highly Sensitive Person trait, and a monthly newsletter sharing resources for sensitive souls.

You will also find links to an HSP-friendly Spotify playlist, podcast episodes where Louise has been a guest speaker, and more information about her ebooks, masterclasses and courses.

Here are the HSP tools you can expect:

  • Boundary Bootcamp eBook – A guide for HSPs on how to set healthy boundaries in 10 steps
  • Unleash Your Superpower – An online course teaching tools to help HSPs overcome overwhelm, embrace their trait, and protect their energy.
  • Lead By Heart – An online mini-course helping sensitive souls follow their dreams by finding their passion and purpose.

Visit the Studio Sensitive Website to learn more.

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