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The High Sensory Coaching Program - a 3-Month Training by Willow McIntosh

The High Sensory Coaching Program - a 3-Month Training by Willow McIntosh
For: HSP Coaches
Price: from £557
Resource Type: Coaching Program
Topic: High Sensory Coaching

High Sensory is what Willow McIntosh of Inluminance calls the trait of High Sensitivity. So, if you’re a High Sensory Person (HSP) wanting to work in self-employment as a coach, consultant or healer, this online program is for you.

The training to become a High Sensory Coach is a coaching program to help you unveil your gifts and unique methodology as a High Sensory Person to help you thrive in your coaching business.

It has twelve modules of learning, available through an online training area, live facilitation sessions, assignments to track your progress, and client sessions to help you practise.

How the Training Works

Robbie Leigh – an empowerment coach and co-host of the HSP Connection podcast, and Trude Sletteland – a High Sensory Coach and author, facilitate this program. And it follows a carefully designed 3-step program.

#Step 1 – Ownership – This stage will help you uncover and understand your ability to deeply process sensory data and how you can leverage it in your daily life and business.

#Step 2 – Methodology – Learn how to package your life story, experiences, and passion to discover your ideal coaching clients and unique process for your business.

#Step 3 – Implementation – With practice sessions, sales training, and product funnels, start working as an HSP coach using the tried and tested High Sensory Method.

Visit this page to learn more about the Coaching program.

The program includes a private community to help you connect with other High Sensory Coaches taking the course.

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