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The Sensitive & Soulful Vault - HSP Tools & Training by Alissa Boyer

The Sensitive & Soulful Vault - HSP Tools & Training by Alissa Boyer
Format: Online Program

Are you a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) looking for an all-encompassing program sharing HSP tools and training in one place? Do you dream of overcoming overwhelm and finally feeling calm, confident, and unbothered by the world around you?

If yes, you might like the Sensitive & Soulful Vault by Alissa Boyer.

What is the Sensitive & Soulful Vault?

The Sensitive and Soulful Vault is a collection of resources to help Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) go from feeling overwhelmed to feeling at ease.

It includes over 20 mini-courses with teachings on leveraging the HSP trait, developing effective self-care practices, and thriving fully as an HSP.

Some of the topics in the program include the following:

— Energetic Boundaries

— Regulating the Nervous System

— Tapping Into Your Intuition

— Healthy Relationships As An HSP

— Healing Shame For Sensitivity

— Self-worth and Self-Confidence

— Grounding in Overwhelm

— Mind-Body Connection

— Managing Burnout

— Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

The teachings include a workbook, audio training, videos, guided meditations, and guest experts.

Packages in the Sensitive & Soulful Vault

Alissa Boyer offers four packages with mini-courses focusing on specific topic areas for those not ready to invest in the complete vault offerings. The packages are as follows:

1. The HSP Healing Package

Inside the healing package for HSPs, discover teachings to help you overcome limiting beliefs, heal your sensitive soul, work on your inner child, and heal the shame associated with High Sensitivity.

2. Sensitive & Confident Package

This program selection features mini-courses to help you increase self-worth, gain confidence to use your voice, see your HSP trait as a superpower, and develop healthy empathy.

3. Calm & Centered HSP Package

Discover teachings on emotional well-being, nervous system regulation, managing burnout as an HSP, and the mind-body connection.

4. Boundaries & Energy Package

This package is for HSPs struggling to set healthy boundaries and manage their energies. It includes teachings on energy management, energetic boundaries, finding peace, and overcoming people-pleasing.

Go here to learn more about the Sensitive and Soulful Vault program.

Who is Alissa Boyer?

Alissa Boyer is a Mentor for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs). She’s passionate about helping fellow HSPs learn to reduce overwhelm, manage their energy, and fully embrace who they are.

She teaches several online programs, including the Highly Sensitive & Soulful Membership and Sensitive & Soulful Self-Worth. And she hosts The Sensitive & Soulful Show – a weekly podcast for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs).

Learn more about Alissa on her Instagram profile or this website here.

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