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Understanding Sensitivity - Free Guide for Non-HSPs

Understanding Sensitivity - Free Guide for Non-HSPs
Format: PDF Download
About: High Sensitivity

Understanding Sensitivity is a free guide by Louise Henning – an HSP coach and mentor helping Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) find confidence and prioritize themselves.

This guide helps people without the HSP trait understand what it means to be Highly Sensitive and offers guidance on how non-HSPs can support people with the trait.

As an HSP, you can use this free guide to explain High Sensitivity to your friends, family, colleagues, and others.

What You Will Learn from this Free Guide

According to the guide’s description, the following is what you can expect in the PDF document:

— What it means to be HSP

— Common preconceptions

— The difference between HSP and hypersensitivity

— HSP habits

— How you, as a non-HSP, can support an HSP

Get the guide: Understanding Sensitivity.

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