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Reach a Global Audience of HSPs

Do you work with Highly Sensitive People (HSPs)? Help more sensitive souls by listing HSP resources with us.

A Simple 3-Step Process


Read the Guidelines

Please read our submission guidelines before you list HSP resources on our website. We keep them simple and straightforward, so take a moment to see if we’re a match for your HSP products.


Fill in & Submit Form

If the resource(s) you’re submitting meets our guidelines, go to the submission form and fill in as prompted. Add your professional and resource information, and submit the form.


Review Your Profile

Listing HSP resources takes a few days, so please be patient with us. We will notify you when the resources are live on your practitioner page. Review the profile and let us know of any changes.

Submission Guidelines

  • The resource(s) you submit must be accessible to everyone, regardless of their location.
  • All resources must be specific to Highly Sensitive People (HSP). Make this clear in your description.
  • We accept all types of resources, as long as they’re beneficial to HSPs. If you don’t see your category in the dropdown, pick the closest match and make a note of it in the description.
  • The images you submit to accompany your resource(s) should be under 1 MB each. If you’re unable to resize, that’s okay – we will do it for you.
  • We reserve the right to edit your images and resource descriptions to meet the criteria of our website. This will not alter the information you provide and you can review it anytime.
  • Do Not add checkout links as the URL to your resource. Link to a page with more information about the HSP resource.

The Submission Form

If your resource(s) match our criteria for listing HSP resources, use the link below to access a Google form titled HSP Tools Submission Form. 

It has four sections divided into two parts – the profile section and the resource section.

The first part collects your profile information (name, profession, profile image, etc.) and the second part collects details for your HSP resources.

The form allows you to submit up to three resources. So, if you have more HSP tools to list, submit a second form or as many as you need.

The HSP Tools Submission Form

Review Your Practitioner Profile

How to List HSP Resources on

By submitting the form to list HSP resources on our website, you will have done your part. The next step is to wait as we use the information to publish your resources.

We will update you every step of the way; from when you complete your purchase, submit your form, and after we publish your resources.

Please be patient as we’re handling multiple submissions.

Once your practitioner profile and resources are live, we will notify you so you can review whether the information on your page is correct.

You can later add resources by submitting another form.

Learn More About Listing HSP Resources

Our purpose at HSP Tools is to provide Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) with practical advice and resources for their HSP journey.

And because we’re not experts, we search the web for available solutions and add them to our website.

This curation gives HSPs with different struggles access to a comprehensive database of varied resources, where they can search and find an ideal solution for their problems. 

So, in essence, we provide the platform and you provide the products and services for HSP consumers to find.

And because our entire focus is Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), you know you’re targeting the right audience.

HSP Tools Logo

Benefits of Listing HSP Resources on Our Website

Global HSP Audience

All our content is location-independent. And because of this, we attract visitors from across the globe. List HSP resources with us to reach this audience.

2 Directories

The HSP Tools website has two directories – the HSP Resources directory and the HSP Practitioners directory. Appearing in these two places increases your chances of being found.

Dedicated Resource Page

Having a practitioner profile means you’ll also have a dedicated home page for all your resources. This page has your photo, bio and the products and services.

SEO-focused Listings

All content on our website is optimized for search engines, including listings in the Resources directory. And that’s why we prefer to add the resources ourselves instead of letting you do it.

Got Questions?

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or encounter problems during the submission process. We respond within 24 hours.

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