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Kirsty Lucinda Allan

Kirsty Lucinda Allan

Works as: Coach & Researcher
Speaks: English

Kirsty Lucinda Allan is a consciousness explorer, educator, HSP coach, researcher and guide.

Her mission is to hold a safe and nurturing space for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) to raise their awareness, unlock their potential, and do something great.

She is the founder of The IF Crowd – a personal development club for HSPs, and creator of Sensitive Magic – a 12-week online program helping Highly Sensitive People embrace their abilities and bring their dream projects to life.

Kirsty is also an author, a fellow Highly Sensitive Person, and a post-graduate research psychologist specializing in psi (aka ‘psychic’) phenomena, High Sensitivity and well-being.

Go here to learn more about Kirsty.

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