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Sensitive Magic - a 12-Week Coaching Program for Highly Sensitive People by The IF Crowd

Sensitive Magic - a 12-Week Coaching Program for Highly Sensitive People by The IF Crowd
Pricing: Paid
Format: Coaching Program
About: HSP Empowerment

The IF Crowd – an online club for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) by Kirsty Lucinda Allan, is taking applications for its 12-week coaching program starting in July 2024.

Dubbed Sensitive Magic, the online program empowers Highly Sensitive People to uncover and leverage their natural gifts of creativity, empathy, intuition and more… to gain a valid advantage in their projects and careers, through a transformational group coaching experience.

What to Expect Inside Sensitive Magic

Participants will work alongside Kirsty Allan and other HSP experts to identify and resolve issues such as anxiety and chronic self-doubt so they can step into alignment with their authentic natures as modern-day sages, healers, thought leaders and change-makers.

Every HSP in the 12-week program will be guided towards inventing and developing a personal project (e.g. a blog, a book or even a whole niche business!) as proof of their growth and empowerment.

They will also receive continued support from The IF Crowd, beyond the 12 weeks, with practice sessions, special workshops and events to aid in networking and promotion.

Kirsty L. Allan – a researcher, author, and certified HSP coach is the creator and leader of Sensitive Magic. She will coach enrollees alongside a hand-picked team of renowned experts in sensitivity research, consciousness studies, and psychology.

Go here to learn more about the program.

P.S. Use code READY by June 21 to get £300 off.

P.P.S. Scholarships and financial flexibility options are available for those who may require them. Please email Kirsty to inquire.

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