Free Sensitivity Profile with Dr. Linnea Passaler

Free Sensitivity Profile with Dr. Linnea Passaler
For: All HSPs
Price: Free
Type: Quiz
Topic: Sensitivity Scale

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Many HSP tests exist to help you determine where you lie on the sensitivity scale. Here at HSP tools, we recommend these free tests for yourself and your child.

But this resource is about the free sensitivity assessment by Dr. Linnea Passaler.

The test uses research from Dr. Elaine Aron, Arthur Aron, Michael Pluess, and Francesca Lionetti. So, you might find the questions familiar if you’ve taken the test by Elaine Aron or Sensitivity Research.

Once you’re done answering the questions, you’ll receive your sensitivity profile in your email. The profile includes a video explanation of your results by Dr. Linnea.

Go here to learn more and receive your Sensitivity Profile.

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