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Boundary Bootcamp - eBook for HSPs by Louise Henning

Boundary Bootcamp - eBook for HSPs by Louise Henning
For: All HSPs
Price: €25.00
Resource Type: eBook
Topic: Setting Boundaries

The Boundary Bootcamp eBook is a 10-step guide helping Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) learn to set healthy boundaries. 

It’s a downloadable PDF document and includes practical exercises to help you prioritize yourself.

Louise Henning – an HSP mentor and coach, is the creator of this eBook.

Who is the Boundary Bootcamp eBook for?

According to the eBook description, Boundary Bootcamp is for HSPs who meet the following criteria:

— you’re uncomfortable saying no

— you feel selfish asking for what you need

— you have a difficult time prioritizing yourself

What will you learn from Boundary Bootcamp?

If you’re looking for reasons to buy the Boundary Bootcamp eBook, below are the lessons you can expect to learn – according to Louise Henning.

— Reasons why boundaries are essential.

— Signs to look for to identify unmet boundaries.

— Understand what healthy boundaries are and fallback phrases.

— How to say no and get others to respect your boundaries.

— The boundary visualization technique Louise uses.

— The secret sauce to setting boundaries.

— Confidence in setting healthy boundaries.

Where Can You Get Boundary Bootcamp?

Visit the Studio Sensitive shop to learn more and purchase the eBook. 

Visit the Studio Sensitive website to discover more HSP tools by Louise Henning.

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