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Inner Listening Intensive - Online Coaching Program by Emily Agnew

Inner Listening Intensive - Online Coaching Program by Emily Agnew
Format: Coaching Program

Are you a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) struggling with anxiety, stress, and shame? Have you tried traditional therapy, coaching, and online courses without success?

If yes, you might like Emily Agnew’s Inner Listening Intensive program.

What is Inner Listening Intensive?

The Inner Listening Intensitive is a 7-month coaching program for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) struggling with anxiety and stress.

It features a 60-minute session to discover and explore your vision, 24 weekly one-on-one sessions to help develop the skills you need to overcome anxiety, and reading and writing materials to reinforce what you learn.

You will have direct access to your teacher, Emily Agnew, every step of the way.

Who Should Take Inner Listening Intensive?

According to the program guidelines, this training is for you if you meet the following criteria:

— You are functioning adequately in your life and work, but anxiety and stress are taking an increasing toll on you

— You sense you need something different from the therapy, coaching, or workshops you’ve tried in the past

— You are open to exploring your spiritual connection—or deepening that which you already have

— You are willing to feel a range of emotions, from old pain to a good laugh—knowing you will be closely supported

— You’re willing to work to grasp new concepts and practice new skills so you can have more peace, confidence, and joy in your life

— You have the time, money, and willingness to commit to the program, including weekly sessions, reading, and writing

Go here to learn more about Inner Listening Intensive.

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