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Frozen to Fearless - a Coaching Membership Program by Dr. Michaela

Frozen to Fearless - a Coaching Membership Program by Dr. Michaela
For: Highly Sensitive Women
Resource Type: Membership Program
Topic: Anxiety, Self-Doubt, Imposter Syndrome

Are you a Highly Sensitive, ambitious woman looking for a membership program to walk with you as you learn to overcome anxiety, imposter syndrome, and indecision?

The Frozen to Fearless membership program by Dr. Michaela Dunbar is for you.

What is the Frozen to Fearless Membership Program?

Designed to help you stop struggling with anxiety and self-doubt, Frozen to Fearless is an online membership program offering hands-on coaching and an exclusive community for members.

It’s a 90-day journey with practical solutions span across three steps:

— Embracing Your Unique Sensitivity

— Harnessing Your Strengths

— Conquering Anxiety and Imposter Syndrome.

The program opens at select times of the year to allow one-on-one interaction with Dr. Michaela and fellow Highly Sensitive Women inside the membership community.

Why Should You Join Frozen to Fearless?

According to the 12-week program’s homepage, the following is what you can expect as a member:

— A comprehensive, trauma-informed programme.

— 24/7 same-day support in the members-only group.

— Weekly LIVE somatic coaching for nervous system regulation.

— A private podcast of all training so you can listen on the go.

— Access to the tools, experience & strategies of a qualified Clinical Psychologist, Somatic Coach and Wellness Coach.

— Over 32 hours of on-demand training.

— LIVE confidence coaching calls.

— Courses, classes, and planners to help reduce anxiety and increase confidence.

— Weekly journal prompts for deep self-exploration + growth.

— A community of women who will be there to help and support you at every step.

How to Join the Frozen to Fearless Membership Program

Frozen to Fearless opens its doors at select times of the year. So, visit My Easy Therapy and click on Join the Membership to sign up for the program or join the waitlist.

You can also follow Dr. Michaela on Instagram, where she’s most active, to know the next time doors open.

A Message from Dr. Michaela Dunbar, Creator of Frozen to Fearless

I’m Dr. Michaela, Clinical Psychologist, Author and Founder of My Easy Therapy. As a millennial woman, I experienced high-functioning anxiety and imposter syndrome before recognizing myself as Highly Sensitive.

During my busy NHS Clinical Psychologist job, the intense pressure and consistent self-doubt made me realize my high sensitivity required a unique approach.

I was stuck until I discovered somatic coaching—a holistic strategy encompassing the mind and body.

This, combined with specialized, evidence-based psychological techniques, revolutionized my path, helping me see my sensitivity not as a flaw but as a strength to be managed.

Go here to learn more about Frozen to Fearless.

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