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Reclaim Your Life - The Group: HSP Coaching Program with Lauren LaSalle

Reclaim Your Life - The Group: HSP Coaching Program with Lauren LaSalle
For: All HSPs
Resource Type: Coaching Program
Topic: Boundary Setting for HSPs

Are you a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) wanting to learn how to set healthy boundaries and focus your energy on what matters most to you?

Do you prefer group coaching programs to one-on-one coaching sessions?

In Reclaim Your Life – The Group, Lauren LaSalle offers a 6-month online coaching program for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) in a group setting.

About Reclaim Your Life – The Group

This group coaching program for HSPs is for you if you meet the following criteria:

— You know that you need to start setting boundaries in your life, but you don’t know where or how to start

— You feel too guilty or anxious to say no or take care of your own needs

— You feel like you don’t have enough time or energy to do what YOU want to do to feel fulfilled

— You want ongoing support and accountability to follow through with setting boundaries and increase your confidence

The program features two 60-minute group meetings per month, one 30-minute one-on-one session per month, support in between sessions, and lifetime access to coaching materials.

Go here to learn more about this group coaching program. 

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