The Highly Sensitive Parent

The Highly Sensitive Parent
For: HSP Parents
Price: from $11.99
Type: Book

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As the name suggests, this book is for parents who score high on the HSP scale. For parents raising Highly Sensitive Children (HSCs), see the HSC-specific book below.

So if you are a parent who goes through intense emotions because of your parenting responsibilities and, as a result, suffers enigmatic stress, this book is for you.

It offers help in the following ways:

  • A self-examination test to help parents identify their level of sensitivity
  •  Tools to cope with overstimulation
  •  Advice on dealing with the negative feelings that can surround parenting
  •  Ways to manage the increased social stimulation and interaction that comes with having a child
  •  Techniques to deal with shyness around other parents
  •  Insight into the five big problems that face HS parents in relationships – and how to work through them

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