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How to Get $200 Off Any Course by Julie Bjelland: One Simple Trick

All HSP Courses by Julie Bjelland Sale

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It’s always a good idea to purchase a product or service at full price.But you know what idea is even better? The ability to save money by getting a good deal for the same product or service.

That’s the better idea.

And today, we’re letting you know how to save money on Julie Bjelland’s online courses for HSPs.

Normal prices for the courses are $399 and $599, depending on the course you choose. And we’re going to show you one simple way you can get $200 off these prices.

But first, let’s cover the basics.

Who is Julie Bjelland?

Julie Bjelland is a Psychotherapist specializing in High Sensitivity. She’s the founder of Sensitive Empowerment Community – an online membership community for people with high sensitivity. And she’s the author of The Empowered Highly Sensitive Person – a book that helps you harness your sensitivity into strength.

What is High Sensitivity?

High Sensitivity is the inborn temperamental trait found in 20-30% of the population. Its scientific name is Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS), and anyone with the trait is called a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

Julie specializes in treating people with this HSP trait and creates helpful resources around high sensitivity.

What Are These Online Courses for HSPs by Julie Bjelland?

This post will show you how to get $200 off any online course by Julie Bjelland. So it’s only fair that you know what these online courses are.

There are 4 online HSP courses in Julie Bjelland’s vault of HSP resources. And they are as follows:

1. Blooming Brilliantly

This course for HSPs will help you learn how to set healthy boundaries and increase self-compassion so you can bloom brilliantly as an HSP.

2. Brain Training for HSPs 

In this online course for HSPs, learn how to reduce anxiety and overwhelming emotions. With results seen in the first 2 weeks.
As the name suggests, this online course will teach and share proven tools that HSPs worldwide use to calm a sensitive nervous system.
This is an online business course for HSPs. It’s an 8-week training program helping you learn how to start and grow a heart-centred online business so you can achieve financial freedom, at a pace that’s favourable to you as an HSP.And now that we have the basics out of the way, it’s time to show you how to get $200 off any of these courses by Julie Bjelland.

How to Get $200 Off Any HSP Course by Julie Bjelland

The one (very legal) and simple trick to get $200 off any online course by Julie Bjelland is to take the Free Masterclass associated with the Course you want.

For every online course under Julie’s belt, there’s a free class introducing you to the benefits of enrolling in the program.

The class usually centres around one main topic by explaining the challenges HSPs face and showing you how you can overcome these challenges.

And we’ll explain this with an example.

The Brain Training Online Course teaches you how to reduce anxiety and overwhelming emotions, with results being seen in the first two weeks.

To introduce you to this course and explain the benefits you seek to gain, Julie teaches a free class on High Sensitivity and Anxiety.

In the class, Julie explains why anxiety is high in Highly Sensitive Persons by sharing the common leading factors. She lists and explains what helps to reduce anxiety. And among these solutions is the brain training technique.

She then proceeds to explain the benefits of brain training, based on scientific results, and then offers a $200 discount for anyone who enrols using a special code shared in the masterclass.

And that’s how you get $200 off.

So instead of paying the usual full price of $399, you pay $199.

And this simple method works for all online courses by Julie Bjelland.

HSP Masterclasses to Take to Get $200 Off

  1. How to Set Healthy Boundaries and Why it’s Essential for HSPsTake this free class if you want to get $200 off the Blooming Brilliantly online course.
  2. High Sensitivity and Anxiety – Take this masterclass to get $200 off the Brain Training course for HSPs.
  3. Sensory Overload and the Highly Sensitive Person – If you take this class, you will get a $200 dicsount on The HSP Toolbox course.
  4. Reach Financial Freedom Growing a Heart-Centered Online Business You – Take this free class to get $200 off Julie Bjelland’s Business course of the same name – How to Grow a Heart-Centered Online Business You Love.

It’s that simple.

In the End

This simple trick of taking a free HSP masterclass associated with the course you want will get you $200 off.

That’s a guarantee.
But to get value for your money, you may need to attend the masterclass.
So don’t register to wait until you get the code. This may result in paying for an online course you don’t need.
Instead, pay attention to what Julie teaches in the class to confirm that it’s the right program for you. And then go ahead and use your special code.
Here’s the process we highly recommend:

  1. Start by identifying the online course you want to take
  2. Select the free masterclass associated with the course
  3. Register and attend the free class to learn more about the benefits of enrolling in the course
  4. When you’re sure the HSP course is the solution you seek, claim your special code for $200 off

And then share this good news with a friend.


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HSP Courses by Julie Bjelland Sale

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