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The Ultimate List of 36+ HSP Resources by Julie Bjelland

A Beginner's Guide to Understanding the Highly Sensitive Person

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Julie Bjelland is a Psychotherapist specializing in high sensitivity. She’s the creator of the Sensitive Empowerment community – a membership HSP community free of social media.

She’s also the author of The Empowered Highly Sensitive Person – a book teaching HSPs how to harness sensitivity into strength; especially in a chaotic world. And these two resources are just a drop in the ocean that is Julie Bjelland’s vault of HSP resources.

That’s why on this page, we’re going to share a list of all HSP resources by Julie Bjelland. We’ll share them based on the type of resource, free or paid, and the topic it covers.

So please select the HSP resource that best suits your needs and let Julie guide you on thriving as a Highly Sensitive Person.

HSP Resources by Julie Bjelland

HSP Resources by Julie Bjelland

Free HSP Resources

1. Sensitivity Quiz

Do you have the trait of high sensitivity?

As an obvious first entry in our list of HSP resources by Julie Bjelland, this free quiz will help you determine your score on the sensitivity scale.

It’s a simpler adaptation of the original quiz by Dr. Elaine N. Aron. Take the Quiz Here.

2. Video About High Sensitivity

To move from surviving to thriving as a Highly Sensitive Person, you must first understand what it means to be an HSP.

This means learning everything there is to know about the HSP trait and embarking on the important journey towards leveraging the benefits of being an HSP.

In this video, Julie explains more about the trait of high sensitivity.

Watch Here.

3. HSP Podcast

Julie created this podcast as a unique resource for fellow Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs).

Through the HSP podcast, you can take your HSP empowerment on the road. You can find the podcast on all your favourite listening apps, as well as detailed show notes and plays.

Happy Listening!

4. HSP Blog

Julie Bjelland runs a blog sharing tips and resources for Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs). She writes the blog posts herself or invites guest HSP experts to share important HSP advice and resources.

Some of her guest experts include Willow McIntosh of Inluminance, Melissa Schwartz of Leading Edge Parenting, and Andrea Weber of Expansive Happiness, among others.

Read Julie’s HSP Blog.

5-10: Topic-Based MasterClasses

In our list of HSP resources by Julie Bjelland, there are about 6 free classes for Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs). These are based on particular topics, such as Anxiety, Setting Boundaries, Sensory Overload, and Reaching Financial Freedom.

Below, please find a list of 6 master classes for Highly Sensitive Persons.

11. Free Letter for Community

Have you ever wondered how to explain your HSP trait to your boss, friends, or family? This free HSP letter, available in a PDF document, explains everything there’s to know about being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

And this has to be one of our favourite HSP resources by Julie Bjelland.

So when you get a copy of this free downloadable letter about high sensitivity, please share it to help others understand you or your sensitive child more. It gives you a good start at discussing important aspects of this trait.

Download the Letter Here.

12. Letter for Practitioners

This free Letter gives you a good entry into discussing important aspects of the HSP trait that your practitioner should be aware of to offer you the best care and also prevent misdiagnosis. It can also help you advocate for your unique needs.

Please share this free downloadable letter with your medical and mental health providers.

Download Here.

13. HSP Practitioners Directory

Are you looking for a coach, therapist, or light worker that specializes in the trait of high sensitivity? These HSP practitioners will support you with common HSP challenges and help you to thrive as an HSP.

“Featured” practitioners are a part of the team supporting and giving back to the Sensitive Empowerment community.

Explore the HSP Practitioners Directory more.

14. A Guide to Grow Self Compassion

Self-compassion decreases the stress hormone cortisol and increases the release of the feel-good hormone oxytocin, creating a calming effect.

As part of HSP resources by Julie Bjelland, please find via this link, a guide on how to grow self-compassion as a highly sensitive person (HSP).

15. The Calming Technique Guide

Would you love a guide with calming techniques to help calm an overwhelmed HSP brain?

In this free guide by Julie Bjelland, learn the tips and techniques it takes to calm your sensitive brain.

Learn More Here.

16. Tips to Sleep Better as an HSP

After working with and researching HSPs for many years, Julie has learned a lot and knows good sleep is more crucial for HSPs than anyone else.

She knows HSPs are completely different when they’ve slept well. And that science shows increased energy, balance, creativity, focus, and health when HSPs have had consistent sleep.

Because without enough sleep, HSPs may feel sluggish, lack focus, feel irritable, and even lower the immune system.

Learn More Here.

17. List of Resources to Help Highly Sensitive Children

Looking for HSP resources by Julie Bjelland that support Highly Sensitive Children? There’s an entire page on Julie’s website dedicated to sharing resources that support Highly Sensitive Children (HSCs).

And these resources include podcast episodes, articles, community groups for parents of sensitive children, a letter to give to your child’s teachers and caregivers, and a practitioners’ directory for HSC therapists and coaches.

Explore the resources.

18. HSP Guests to Interview

If you’re looking for HSP experts to interview for your podcast or blog post, or just to learn more about high sensitivity and related topics, this resource is for you.

Julie Bjelland has a section where she lists coaches, therapists, and other HSP practitioners that can be interviewed by writers, podcasters, journalists, and others.

Go here to explore the list.

Paid HSP Resources

19-22: Online Courses

Julie has created 4 online programs to help HSPs deal with:

  • Anxiety & Overwhelming Emotions
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Business Challenges
  • Calming a sensitive nervous system

And the HSP courses addressing these issues are part of the HSP resources by Julie Bjelland we have for you today.

  • 20. Blooming Brilliantly – The Blooming Brilliantly Course helps HSPs learn to set healthy boundaries, increase self-love and bloom to their highest potential.
  • 22. The HSP Toolbox – This is the latest and one of the best courses by Julie Bjelland. It teaches and shares holistic tools to help calm a sensitive nervous system.

How to Save Money on HSP Courses by Julie Bjelland

23-24: Books

Originally, Julie Bjelland had two books about HSPs: The Empowered Highly Sensitive Person and Brain Training for HSPs. However, Julie decided to transform her Brain Training book into the Brain Training course for HSPs we listed earlier.

This means, as of this very moment, there are only two books on this list of HSP resources by Julie Bjelland. One is specific to HSPs, and the other is about training dogs.

  • 24. Imagine Life With a Well-Behaved Dog: A 3-Step Positive Dog-Training Program. Why this book, you ask? Because before Julie was a full-time High Sensitivity Psychotherapist, she was training Guide Dogs for the Blind.

25-31: Journals

There are seven journals in this list of HSP resources by Julie Bjelland. And they are as follows:

  • 27. How I Appreciate You: Heart Leaves. A journal for the Highly Sensitive Person in love and their partners. You write what you love about your partner on one side, and your partner writes what they love about you on the other side. It’s an excellent gift for HSPs in relationships.
  • 29. Gratitude Journal: Practising gratitude is good for your health and happiness. This journal will help you to write 3 things you’re grateful for, to help boost your energy and mood, improve sleep, and become less reactive.
  • 31. Rainbow Journal: With lined pages on one side and blank pages on the other for drawing, this journal is in celebration of LGBTQ+

32. Sensitive Empowerment Community

This is our favourite in this list of HSP resources by Julie Bjelland. And if you frequent our blog and social media pages, you’ve probably already heard of this community.

It’s an online membership community free of social media. You don’t need to be on Facebook, Reddit, or another platform to join this community. All you need is an internet connection and a subscription.

And that’s why we love The Sensitive Empowerment Community by Julie Bjelland.

The community holds free weekly events, topic-based groups (more on this below), and more resources only available to members.

Join the Sensitive Empowerment Community.

33. HSP Depression Group – Spiral Up

Spiral Up is a group inside the Sensitive Empowerment Community that helps members to overcome depression. It’s a support group helping you to connect with other HSPs navigating depression. And you also get access to depression-specific tools, events, and resources to help you thrive.

Learn More about Spiral Up on the Community Page.

34. Design Your Life Group

Like with Spiral Up, access to the Design Your Life Group is through the Sensitive Community. The group helps you, as a member, to create a life that lights you up.

The purpose of the group is to provide inspiration, as well as a hub to share experiments, insights and practical steps for living a meaningful life as HSPs.

Only community members can join the group. Learn more here.

35. HSP Business Group

The business group is for HSPs in Heart-Centered Businesses. It provides a platform for HSP business owners to support one another in sharing information, challenges and solutions regarding day-to-day operations.

And to join the HSP business group, you’ll need to be a Sensitive Empowerment Community member as well as pay an additional business group fee. This membership will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Exclusive access to business events and recordings in the Business Events Library
  • A listing on the HSP business directory to help you grow and expand your services
  • An opportunity to present and host your own events within the group
  • A platform to share ideas, request feedback and discuss with like-minded people
  • Access to posts and articles sharing practical tips and suggestions.

Join the Community for a chance to join the Business Group

36. Business Directory for HSPs

This directory is almost the same as the HSP practitioners’ directory but with one main difference. In the Business Directory for HSPs, those listed do not need to be helping HSPs as coaches, therapists, or in such a related capacity.

Instead, the directory includes a list of HSPs offering global services in various industries. You’ll find chefs, writers, social media managers, web designers, etc.

And the requirements are simple:

  • Be an HSP
  • Offer global services
  • Be a member of the HSP Business Group
  • Request a listing by sharing your information

See the Business Directory

In the End

If you’ve been counting with us, we’ve listed 36 HSP resources by Julie Bjelland. These include free guides, masterclasses, journals, books, online courses, support groups, a community, directories, a podcast, and a blog.

We hope you’ll find this list a useful resource to come back to whenever you need help navigating life as an HSP in this chaotic world. Because if there’s something Julie Bjelland does best, it’s to help HSPs find answers to the questions they seek.

And if we were to recommend the best HSP resource on this list, it would be the Sensitive Empowerment Community. The value you get inside the community is unmatched. There are events every week, and almost every day. And Julie shows up to most of these events in person.

So while Julie’s online courses are life-changing, it’s in the Sensitive Empowerment Community that you get the best support.


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