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Bundle Up and Save: Your BOGO Free Deal on HSP Courses

All HSP Courses by Julie Bjelland Sale

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It’s no secret that Julie Bjelland – a Psychotherapist specializing in High Sensitivity – has some of the best HSP resources online.

From her free masterclasses, sensitivity scale, podcast, and blog, to her book and online courses, Julie has a sea of super-helpful HSP resources.

And while we’d love to support her creative journey by buying her courses at full price, we’re grateful she has set up systems that allow HSPs worldwide to save money.

One of these systems is the simple method we shared in this earlier post. It allows you to get $200 off any HSP course by Julie Bjelland. And it’s as simple as taking a free masterclass related to the online course you want.

It’s valid all year round and is accessible to anyone taking the free classes.

The other system is what we’re sharing in today’s post. It’s a method that bundles up the same HSP courses for a Buy One Get One (BOGO) free deal.

So for the price of one course, you can get access to two of the most popular HSP courses by Julie Bjelland.

And through this system, you’re able to save more than the $200 we mentioned.

Here’s how…

How to Bundle Up and Save on Julie Bjelland’s Online Courses

Bundle up and save on HSP courses by Julie Bjelland
To take advantage of this BOGO-free offer, you need to be eyeing two or three HSP courses by Julie Bjelland. This means identifying multiple courses that you know you’ll need, either now or in the near future.
And then instead of purchasing them separately and spending more money, you bundle them up and get a 50% discount on the total cost.So if you’re eyeing two courses priced at $399 each, bundling them up would mean getting 50% off $798. And if you’re doing the math, opting for the bundle means you’ll be getting the two courses at the price of one – $399.

Do you now get where the BOGO-free deal is coming from?

If this deal sparks your interest, there are two options to choose from.

#Option 1. The 2-Course Combo

Blooming Brilliantly and Brain Training for HSPs are the most popular courses under Julie Bjelland’s belt. The former helps you to be more self-compassionate and set healthy boundaries. And the latter helps you to reduce anxiety and overwhelming emotions, with results showing in the first two weeks.

The normal price of each of these HSP courses is $399. If you buy the courses separately, you’re going to spend $798. And if you bundle them up today, you’re going to get access to both courses at $399.

That’s two awesome HSP courses at the price of one.

Get the 2-Course Combo.

#Option 2. The 3-Course Combo

While the first option combines 2 popular courses, this 3 Course Combo takes the two courses from option 1 and adds The HSP Toolbox course to the bundle.

This means that for $598, you can get access to these three HSP courses:

  • Blooming Brilliantly
  • Brain Training for HSPs
  • The HSP Toolbox

That’s not even the price of two HSP courses. It’s way-way less.

Get the 3-Course Combo.

In the End

These two options – the 2-course combo and the 3-course combo, provide systems that allow you to bundle up and save money on life-changing HSP courses.

And while the HSP Business Course – How to Grow a Heart-Centered Online Business, is not included in these 2 options, you can still get it at $200 when you use this earlier method.

It will require you to take a free HSP masterclass titled Reach Financial Freedom, but it’s worth the effort if you don’t want to purchase at full price,

So if you’ve been eyeing all of Julie Bjelland’s courses and would love to buy them at a great deal, consider bundling two or three of them at a beyond-reasonable price.

And then get the fourth one at $200 off when you take the free HSP masterclass associated with the course.

Happy Saving!


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HSP Courses by Julie Bjelland Sale

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