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Highly Sensitive People: Space to Be - Weekly Virtual Meetup for HSPs by Crystal Hall

Highly Sensitive People: Space to Be - Weekly Virtual Meetup for HSPs by Crystal Hall
For: All HSPs
Resource Type: Online Event,
Topic: Support Group

Are you Highly Sensitive and looking for a judgement-free space to connect and share with other Highly Sensitive People (HSPs)?

If yes, you might like this online space by Crystal Hall – an intuitive healer and artist.

About Highly Sensitive People: Space to Be

What is it?

Highly Sensitive People: Space to Be is a weekly online event providing a safe space for HSPs to reconnect and recharge. The event features a pre-selected topic and invites attendees to explore it through various mindful exercises and practices.

These practices include:


— creative play

— open expression

— affirmations

— writing exercises

Who is hosting the weekly event?

Your host and instructor for the Space to Be event will be Crystal Hall – an intuitive Healer and Artist. She’s also the founder of Ina Kyauta – a space for deep healing and clarity through meditation and affirmation therapy.

Ina Kyauta means I am free.

As an HSP myself, I recognise two things- #1, the intense demands of this world/society can be extremely overwhelming and isolating to HSPs and #2, there are few safe spaces for HSPs to truly be. So, I decided to hold a weekly space for HSPs to connect, recharge and nourish ourselves in ways that truly work for us.

— Crystal Hall

When is the Weekly Event?

This online space for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) is open to meetups every Wednesday (or Thursday, depending on your time zone).

Go here to learn more and register.

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