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The Highly Sensitive Hub - a Private HSP Community by Jules De Vitto

The Highly Sensitive Hub - a Private HSP Community by Jules De Vitto
For: All HSPs
Price: $499/year, $79/month
Resource Type: Membership Program

Are you looking for resources to help you deal with emotional overwhelm, setting boundaries, communication, reframing your beliefs and other issues you might be struggling with as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)?

In The Highly Sensitive Hub, find mini-courses, workbooks, workshops, and more resources to help you overcome common issues affecting Highly Sensitive People (HSPs).

About The Highly Sensitive Hub

The Highly Sensitive Hub is a private membership community providing members with live workshops, guided meditations, a forum for interaction, coaching support, and more resources for their HSP journey.

Jules De Vitto, a Transpersonal Coach and Trainer for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) and the founder of The Highly Sensitive Human Academy created this community.

She hosts guest speakers like Genevieve Von Lob, Simone Da Costa, William Allen, and Kirsty Allan to teach masterclasses inside the community. And invites qualified HSP practitioners to offer coaching support in separate pods.

Go here to learn more about these coaches and The Highly Sensitive Hub.

And then find below a list of resources to expect when you become a member:

— Modules of content focused on skills to feel more empowered as a Highly Sensitive Person

— Guided meditations that you can listen to at any time

— Workbooks packed with activities and supportive materials

— Articles focused on up-to-date scientific research

— Webinars and workshops with guest speakers

— Bonus webinars and pre-recorded workshops

Go here to learn more and become a member.


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