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How to Manage High-Functioning Anxiety

How to Manage High-Functioning Anxiety
For: Highly Sensitive Women
Price: Free
Resource Type: Audio Training
Topic: Anxiety, Self-Doubt, Imposter Syndrome

Are you a Highly Sensitive ambitious woman struggling with anxiety and self-doubt? You might like this free HSP masterclass on How to Manage High-Functioning Anxiety and Become a Powerful Presence in Your Workplace.

The training is a 3-part audio series helping ambitious HSPs overcome anxiety and imposter syndrome so they can thrive fully in their respective roles.

In the free class, you will learn the following:

  • The difference between Imposter Syndrome, Depression, High Functioning Anxiety, and just not being good at your job.
  • What you’re getting wrong when trying to manage high-functioning anxiety.
  • Why traditional therapy isn’t always best.
  • The five essential skills you need to stop overthinking, self-doubt, approval-seeking, constant worrying, and perfectionism.

Your teacher will be Dr. Michaela Dunbar – a Clinical Psychologist and Wellness Coach helping ambitious HSPs thrive by providing practical solutions through her practice, My Easy Therapy.

Go here to learn more.

More About Dr. Michaela (from her bio)

Dr. Michaela is an HCPC registered Chartered Clinical Psychologist and Wellness Coach. She specialises in supporting ambitious, sensitive, intelligent women to make manageable changes to:

  1. stop their struggle with anxiety and crippling self-doubt
  2. create that elusive work-life balance
  3. use their Highly Sensitive traits to become a powerful presence in their industry

She created My Easy Therapy because it is everything she wishes she had when she was in your shoes. Highly sensitive, battling anxiety, successful on the outside but feeling like a fraud on the inside, and frazzled.

How to Access the Free Audio Training by Dr. Michaela

This is the simple part.

Visit this link on Dr. Michaela’s website to learn more about the training and download the series. Click on Send Me the Goods and input your email address to receive the training materials in your inbox.

See? Simple.


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