Unwind the Overwhelm Self-Care Workshop

Unwind the Overwhelm Self-Care Workshop
For: All HSPs
Price: Free
Type: Video Training
Topic: Overwhelm

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This workshop is hosted by April Snow – a licensed Psychotherapist working with Highly Sensitive Introverts and Therapists. It is one of the hour-long free HSP masterclasses on this list.

It shares relaxation and self-reflection exercises to help you unwind the overwhelm and feel more relaxed. And after registering for the class, you also get a workbook to help you retain the lessons.

The following is what you will learn:

  • Why HSP folks need downtime, hobbies, and restorative self-care
  • What purpose self-care needs to serve for HSPs to feel more fulfilled and less overwhelmed
  • Common obstacles to taking care of yourself and how to prioritize your needs more often
  • Mindfulness and self-reflection techniques to use when you’re feeling frazzled

Take the free masterclass on self-care to learn more.

Workshop Link: Unwind the Overwhelm and Feel More Relaxed.

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