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HSP Resilience Circle - an Online Community by Melissa Noel Renzi

HSP Resilience Circle - an Online Community by Melissa Noel Renzi
For: All HSPs
Price: $65
Type: HSP Community
Topic: Building Resilience

Are you a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) looking for a nurturing online community to help you develop meaningful connections and build resilience in 2024?

In the HSP Resilience Circle by Melissa Noel Renzi, discover a safe online space where you can learn and connect with other Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) live.

The support group meets one Saturday every month and focuses on pre-selected activities to help you build resilience as an HSP.

More Details about the HSP Resilience Circle

With 90-minute sessions in small breakout groups on Zoom, the HSP Resilience Circle by Melissa Noel Renzi is a monthly meetup incorporating nature-based expressive art, guided somatic movement, and strength exercises.

Below is a quoted section from Melissa’s website giving more details about the circle.

Our newly designed HSP Resilience Circle combines nourishing embodied activities and connective breakout sessions to help you:

– Nurture your senses, feed your playful side, and embody the strengths of your sensitivity.

– Share conversations with other HSPs who care about social and ecological well-being.

– Empower your unique strengths and turn your empathy into meaningful impact.

The HSP Resilience Circle meets every 2nd or 3rd Saturday of the month for 90 minutes on Zoom.

Visit The HSP Resilience Circle landing page to learn more.

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