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The Soulful HSP Business Mastermind Program with Alissa Boyer

The Soulful HSP Business Mastermind Program with Alissa Boyer
For: All HSPs
Price: Paid
Resource Type: Coaching Program

Are you a Highly Sensitive business owner or in the process of starting a business? Are you seeking support and community to help create a business that aligns with your HSP trait?

You might like the Soulful HSP Business Mastermind program by Alissa Boyer.

About The Soulful HSP Business Mastermind

Created by Alissa Boyer – an HSP Mentor and Coach, the Soulful HSP Business Mastermind is a 6-month online program for entrepreneurs wanting help to start or grow their heart-centered business.

According to the program’s guidelines, the mastermind is for:

— HSP business owners or creators in the early stages of their business

— HSPs who are not at the place they’d like to be in their business

— HSPs desiring more entrepreneurial support, community, and guidance

What’s Inside The Soulful HSP Business Mastermind?

If your application to the HSP Business Mastermind program with Alissa Boyer is approved, the following is what you can expect.

Business support from Alissa, Monday – Friday

— Ask any business-related questions you have

Support, collaborate, and share wins with the other entrepreneurs

Group Mentorship Call on Zoom, 2x per month

Pre-recorded trainings on business energetics and strategy

Monthly content auditing (IG posts, emails, sales pages, etc.)

Free access to Alissa’s business programs, including Sensitive Soul Startup School, Sensitive Soul Business Society, Sensitive & Soulful Vault, and any business-related workshop.

Go here to learn more about the HSP Business Mastermind.

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