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The Sensitive Empowerment Community - HSP Community by Julie Bjelland

The Sensitive Empowerment Community - HSP Community by Julie Bjelland
For: All HSPs
Price: $40/month
Type: Membership Community
Topic: All Topics

This HSP support group is created and run by Julie Bjellend – a Psychotherapist specializing in High Sensitivity.

It’s a membership-based HSP community bringing together fellow HSPs to discuss life’s issues and support anyone who needs it.

Inside the Sensitive Empowerment Community, you will find smaller HSP support groups to help you connect with people going through similar situations.

Smaller Support Groups in the Sensitive Empowerment Community

Here are the support groups to expect inside this HSP community.

— Spiral Up Group – A safe space for people on a journey to overcome depression.

— Sensitive Sages Group – A nurturing space for HSPs aged 60 and above.

— HSPs in Heart-Centered Business Group – A support group for HSPs in Business.

— Soul Sanctuary Group (BIPOC) – A soothing space for HSPs of Color.

— A Safe Space (LGBTQ+) – A vibrant, dynamic space for HSPs of the LGBTQ+ experience to connect.

— Julie’s Courses Discussion Group – For those taking Julie Bjelland’s courses, this is a space to share with others in the course, share wins, or ask questions.

— Your Self-Discovery Journey Group – Hosted by Julie Bjelland, this HSP support group is for people on an intentional journey of self-discovery, sharing goals, and inspiring each other to flourish authentically.

Go here to join the community: The Sensitive Empowerment Community

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