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20 Best Books for the Highly Sensitive Child (Updated for 2024)

A Beginner's Guide to Understanding the Highly Sensitive Person

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Are you raising a Highly Sensitive Child (HSC) and wondering if there are books on parenting Highly Sensitive Children (HSCs)?

Do you want recommendations on books to read to your sensitive child to help them understand High Sensitivity?

This post shares the 20 best books for the Highly Sensitive Child.

And why are these the best books?

We read the reviews of every book on this list and readers find them helpful in understanding and raising Highly Sensitive Children.

Also, all books on this list have at least a 4-star rating on Amazon. So you can expect to find practical tips and resources in these 20 books for the Highly Sensitive Child.

Let’s dive in.

20 Best Books for the Highly Sensitive Child

Discover books for Highly Sensitive Children

1. The Highly Sensitive Child by Dr. Elaine N. Aron

The Highly Sensitive Child book by Dr. Elaine N. Aron

Dr. Elaine N. Aron is the person who coined the term Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

And from this initial recognition of High Sensitivity, we now have terms like Highly Sensitive Child, Highly Sensitive Parent, and Highly Sensitive Coach, among many others.

So it comes as no surprise that the first entry to this list of best books for the Highly Sensitive Child is this book by Dr. Aron.

The Highly Sensitive Child book by Dr. Aron explores how to help sensitive children thrive when the world overwhelms them.

It looks at the various challenges of raising HSCs, the four keys to successfully parenting an HSC and how to make school and friendships enjoyable for your Highly Sensitive Child.

The book also explains how if your child seems overly inhibited, particular, or you worry they may have ADHD (Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder) or Autism, they may simply be highly sensitive.

Purchase The Highly Sensitive Child book by Dr. Elaine Aron to learn more.

2. Understanding the Highly Sensitive Child by James Williams

Understanding the Highly Sensitive Child book by James Williams

With a foreword from Dr. Elaine Aron, Understanding the Highly Sensitive Child is the second book in our list of best books for the Highly Sensitive child.

The book is written by James Williams – a mindful dad, Integrative Counsellor, and Author spreading awareness on what it means to be Highly Sensitive on his website, Family Feelings.

Understanding the Highly Sensitive Child is part of a book series including four nutshell guides. This book is the first in the series and focuses on helping readers experience the world from a sensitive child’s experience.

So, if you would like to understand your Highly Sensitive Child by seeing the world through their eyes, this book is for you.

And if you love this book, you will also love the third book in this series – Supporting the Highly Sensitive Child: Making Sense of Meltdowns.

3. Annie’s World by Lucy Skye and James Williams

Annie's World - Sensitive Children's book

Do you love learning through stories? And does your Highly Sensitive Child enjoy stories they can relate to? If your answer is yes, Annie’s World: There is a Rainbow in the Sand, is a great choice for your HSC.

The book focuses on Annie, a Highly Sensitive Child who sees the world as every colour of the rainbow – not black and white.

And while this means she experiences the world a little differently and finds her feelings overwhelming, Annie also discovers that being different can be very beautiful too.

This book will be a great resource for your HSC as it will help them understand they are not alone. It will also help to reassure and inspire your sensitive child to walk in confidence and find strength in their sensitivity.

4. The Empathic Parent’s Guide to Raising a Highly Sensitive Child by Freeda Meighan

The Empathic Parent's Guide to Raising Sensitive Children

The Empathic Parent’s Guide to Raising a Highly Sensitive Child is another entry that is part of a book series. This particular book is number one in the series, with numbers three and four being Raising an Anxious Child and Raising Happy Humans.

All books in the series feature practical advice for raising children. But the focus on HSCs is the reason we singled out this particular book for our list of best books for the Highly Sensitive Child.

And with an average rating of 4.3 stars from over 200 people, this guide to raising an HSC will teach you the following:

  • What a highly sensitive child is
  • What causes the HSC trait
  • Ways to discipline an HSC
  • Proper attitude and approaches to adopt when caring for sensitive children
  • Issues that may hound a highly sensitive child in their adulthood.

So if these are lessons you are interested in learning more about, purchase The Empath’s Guide to Raising a Highly Sensitive Child.

5. Positive Parenting Solutions to Raise Highly Sensitive Children by Jonathan Baurer

Positive Parenting Solutions for Raising Sensitive Kids

Parenting a Highly Sensitive Child (HSC) is both a gift and a challenge.

In Positive Parenting Solutions to Raise Highly Sensitive Children (HSCs), Jonathan explores different strategies parents can use to help their HSCs use their unique gifts in a world that doesn’t always understand them.

Jonathan Baurer is a certified Life Coach, author and entrepreneur. He uses his coaching experience to guide parents of sensitive children with kindness and compassion. And this is evident in the reviews for this book.

Here are two reviews we love:

I am the grandmother of a highly sensitive child. I bought this book to try to understand him better. It is written with knowledge and compassion. … I wish this book had been available when I was raising my youngest daughter. I now see that she is also highly sensitive.

Anna, United Kingdom

Jonathan perfectly defined a highly sensitive child, explained the why behind it, and then explained how to grow with this trait. It is not just a coping strategy. It is life-changing growth for both the kids and the parents.

Thahn N. , United States

Purchase this book for HSCs if you want to understand your child’s emotions and learn how to respond with compassion, love, and confidence.

6. My Great Big Feelings: A Story for Sensitive Children by C. M. Tolentino

My Great Big Feelings Book for Sensitive Children

My Great Big Feelings is another story-based entry in this list of best books for the Highly Sensitive Child. It’s written and illustrated not only for sensitive children but also those with sensory processing difficulties.

So if your child struggles with clothing tags, lights, noises, feeling other’s emotions, food textures and temperatures, or overwhelming feelings in general, this book is for you.

It follows the main character through a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance and it will help your child to learn how to accept, manage, and appreciate the High Sensitivity trait.

And here is one of the reviews we love (P.S: there are many)

I bought this for my 4-year-old HSC and she loves it! She really relates to the main character feeling overwhelmed by different sensory experiences like noise, smells, and scratchy clothes, so it makes her feel good to know that there are others like her.

LLB, United States

Purchase My Great Big Feelings if you want a validating and inspiring book to read to your Highly Sensitive Child.

7. Willow the Highly Sensitive Pup by Mandy Mayock & Tammie Lyon

Willow the Pup - Sensitive Children's Book

Willow the Highly Sensitive Pup is another story-based book for the Highly Sensitive Child. It features author Mandy’s rescue dog named Willow and includes practical tips for parents, teachers, and caregivers of Highly Sensitive Children (and dogs).

And in a recent review (below) from a reader, who says the book is great for sensitive kids with ADHD, learn why Willow is an essential entry to this list of best books for the Highly Sensitive Child.

As I previewed this for my 3yo I started to cry. It’s so difficult to have ADHD or be in general an HSP. Nobody understands or accepts you.

This book is wonderful because it addresses:

  • many thoughts at once
  • sensitivity to light or sound
  • hyper-awareness of the environment
  • stronger than typical feelings when corrected
  • sensitivity to physical sensations (itchy clothes or too tight etc)
  • feeling overwhelmed by a lot of directions (stop, sit, play, etc )
  • emotional dysregulation
  • empathy toward others

The book goes on to say how people can be highly sensitive and what to do if you need a break.

The Lost Lenoir, United States

So if these are issues you would like to address with your sensitive child, consider purchasing Willow the Highly Sensitive Pup.

8. A Little Spot of Feelings Book Set by Diane Alber

Spot of Big Feelings - Children Books Set

Helping a Highly Sensitive Child identify their feelings is no easy task. They may have many feelings as a result of their High Sensitivity, but spotting exactly what they are feeling can be difficult.

And that’s where A Little Spot of Feelings comes in. It’s a book set of 8 different books helping your child understand different feelings and identify what they are feeling.

This Book Set features eight books focusing on the following topics:

  • Empathy
  • Frustration
  • Calm
  • Worry
  • Belonging
  • Flexible Thinking
  • Boredom
  • Feelings Detective

It’s a number 1 bestseller and comes as part of a series of five Book Sets, including A Little Spot of Emotion, A Little Spot of Life Skills, A Little Spot of Learning, and A Little Spot Takes Action.

Purchase A Little Spot of Feelings to help your sensitive child understand their feelings, identify them, and learn how to let them wash away.

We also love A Little Spot of Emotion, so consider it another entry to this list of best books for the Highly Sensitive Child. It features emotions like Anger, Anxiety, Happiness, Confidence, Love, and Peaceful. Learn more about it here.

9. Me and My Feelings by Vanessa Green Allen

Me an My Feelings Book for Sensitive Children

This book for HSCs by Vanessa Allen is another bestseller and positively-reviewed book on this list of best books for the Highly Sensitive Child.

Inside Me and My Feelings, you and your HSC will learn the following:

  • Tangible ideas to help sensitive children handle their feelings
  • Quizzes and activities to help sensitive kids know themselves and have fun doing it
  • How to have empathy for the emotions of others

And these three are just the bare minimum of what to expect. So we will share two reviews we love to help you give this book a chance.

My husband and I have been reading this book with our kids (10, girl, and 7, boy) every day, and love it so much that they request “one more page” constantly. They have also requested follow-up books. I can’t put my finger on exactly why, except that kids have a ton of feelings that get more and more complex.

C A, United States

Excellent for my 7-year-old, she enjoys doing the quizzes and we take it in turns to read. This book helps her to understand her emotions especially when she feels the emotion of anger i can point out what emotion she is feeling which helps her to react better to that feeling.

Lisa, United Kingdom

Me and My Feelings is a kids’ guide to understanding and expressing themselves. And while it’s not written specifically for the Highly Sensitive Child, your sensitive child will relate to it.

10. The Strong, Sensitive Boy by Ted Zeff

The Strong Sensitive Boy Book by Dr. Ted Zeff

We first mentioned The Strong Sensitive Boy in our list of best books for the Highly Sensitive Man. And because it’s ideal for sensitive boys and sensitive men, we are including it in this list of best books for the Highly Sensitive Child.

Especially because sensitive boys are often ignored when it comes to sensitivity discussions.

So if you are raising a Highly Sensitive Boy (HSB) and you would like them to know that being sensitive is not a weakness, this book is for you.

It explores what it means to be highly sensitive, the challenges sensitive boys face, and how embracing the High Sensitivity trait can be a source of strength for young boys.

Purchase The Strong Sensitive Boy by Ted Zeff to help your son(s) grow in confidence, strength and happiness.

11. Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheeda

How to Raise your Spirited Child - book for parents of sensitive kids.

Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka is another bestseller.

It’s a guide for parents whose child is more intense, sensitive, perceptive, persistent and energetic. And it’s part of a 2-book series, with the second book focusing on spirited babies.

And according to the author, more is the word distinguishing spirited children from other children.

So if your child is more intense, more persistent, more sensitive (hello HSCs), and more uncomfortable with change, this book will help you learn how to help them.

Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, the author, uses a four-step program in Raising Your Spirited Child to teach you the following:

  • Understand your child’s and your temperamental traits
  • Cope with tantrums and blowups when they do occur, and prevent them in the future
  • Develop strategies for handling mealtimes, bedtimes, holidays, school, and many other situations. 
  • Implement discipline to win cooperation and establish clear boundaries
  • Teach your child how to be a “problem solver” and work well with others

Purchase Raising Your Spirited Child today to learn practical ways to help your Highly Sensitive Child.

12. Parenting the Highly Sensitive Child by Julie B. Rosenshein

Learn how to parent the Highly Sensitive Child in this book

In Parenting the Highly Sensitive Child, Julie B. Rosenshein teaches practical solutions to help your sensitive child thrive at home, school, and in their emotional world.

You will also learn the following:

  • The four types of sensitive children
  • What it Means to be a Highly Sensitive Child and how it ties to ADHD
  • Tips and tools to help your child succeed in a less-sensitive world

And before you purchase Parenting the Highly Sensitive Child, it’s important to take note of this two-star review:

I purchased this book in the hopes that I would gain some enlightenment into the behaviors, thoughts and feelings of my sensitive child. I found the book easy to read and informative until I got past the first few pages. I was caught unaware when I started reading about children supposedly living difficult past lives and having dreams and images of those past lives.

T. Oney, United States

What the review is addressing is the author’s reference to Indigo children. And it’s part of the book subtitle, which reads: A Guide for Parents & Caregivers of ADHD, Indigo and Highly Sensitive Children.

So, while the book is one of the best books for the Highly Sensitive Child, you may need to believe in Indigo Children or raise one yourself for this book to make sense.

And the author describes her use of the term Indigo to refer to a Highly Sensitive Child whose main sensitivity is spiritual sensitivity.

This kind of child or adult can also be called intuitive, psychic, wise soul, old soul, or clairsentient.

Julie B. Rosenshein, Author

If any of these words describe you or your sensitive child, this book is for you.

13. The Boy with Big, Big Feelings by Britney Winn Lee

The Boy with big Big Feelings book for sensitive children

The Boy with Big, Big Feelings is another story-based picture book entry part of a series.

It’s the first book in a 4-book series titled The Big, Big, and it joins other bestselling books for the Highly Sensitive Child.

The book description on Amazon does a great job of explaining the story, as well as how it relates to sensitive children everywhere.

The main character has feelings so big that they glow from his cheeks, spill out of his eyes, and jump up and down on his chest.

When he hears a joke, he bursts with joy. When a loud truck drives by, he cries. When his loved ones are having a hard day, he feels their emotions as if they were his own.

The boy tries to cope by stuffing down his feelings, but with a little help and artistic inspiration, the boy realizes his feelings are something to be celebrated.

So if you are looking for a relatable and inspiring book to read to your Highly Sensitive Child, The Big, Big Feelings book by Britney Winn Lee will do the trick.

14. Empath Children by Judy Dyer

About Empath Children book for parents raising sensitive kids

Judy Dyer is a bestselling author of many books about Highly Sensitive People, Empaths, Narcissists, and other related topics. She is the author of The Highly Sensitive, Empath, The Empowered Empath, and Narcissist among others.

But today we are talking about Empath Children, her entry to this list of books for the Highly Sensitive Child.

In the book, Judy explores how parents and caregivers can help a Highly Sensitive Child thrive and stop feeling overwhelmed. She teaches powerful strategies to help unlock the gifts that Empath children possess.

And she explores the following topics in detail:

  • Detecting and managing overwhelm in empath children
  • Bullying and empath children
  • Administering gentle discipline
  • The relationship between diet and high sensitivity
  • The power of bedtime routines

Purchase Empath Children by Judy Dyer if your Highly Sensitive Child is also an empath.

15. A Little Bike Running in My Head by Corinne Conaesch

book to read to sensitive children - A Little bike running in my head.

Based on the title, you already know this is another story-based book for Highly Sensitive Children.

It features Alexander, a highly sensitive mouse representing HSCs in your life. Its aim is to help sensitive children accept themselves and learn to appreciate themselves.

The book is designed for children of ages 6 to 10 and is authored by Corinne Vonaesch – a psychologist, teacher and illustrator. So yes, she wrote and illustrated this book.

And here is a review we love if you are on the fence:

Although I did not purchase this book through Amazon, I do own it and after reading it several times have recommended it, even to an adult client. After looking it over they immediately ordered two copies. Personally, I find the content and its message very accessible.

K. E, United States

Purchase A Little Bike Running in My Head to read about Alexander with your Highly Sensitive Child.

Also, the description does little to explain what the book is about.

So click on Look Inside to get a deeper look at the book. It explores topics such as overthinking, overwhelm, and comparison. And how all these feel like a little bike running in Alexander’s head, all the time.

16. Arya & Everyone Else’s Feelings by Kelsea Fox

Arya and Everyone Else's Feelings book for the Highly Sensitive Child

We first came across Arya & Everyone Else’s Feelings on Instagram.

And that’s why we share lists like Highly Sensitive People to follow on Instagram. Because you never know what helpful resource you will find.

Arya & Everyone Else’s Feelings is a story-based picture book for ages 4 to 8, but we have a feeling others can benefit from it too. After all, children’s books have been known to be helpful to adults too.

At the time of discovering this book, it was running pre-orders on a Kickstarter campaign page. Now the campaign is over and you can purchase the book on the author’s website. (Or get a Paperback copy on Amazon.)

In this magical book, we see Arya explore her cozy city neighborhood. She visits her friends and neighbors and when she does, they make her feel joyful and happy.

Today, though, they all have big feelings. John is sad, Olivia is excited, and Sasha is worried. By the time Arya gets home she is feeling heavy, tired and upset.

Her dad talks to her about her day, teaches her about empathy, and shares a 3-step process to help: 1) Feel your feet. 2) Shake out the feelings. 3) Imagine your protection.

Kelsea Fox Bennett Boyd, Author

Learning more about Arya & Everyone Else’s Feelings from Kelsea’s website and Instagram has us excited. And while we are yet to read the book, it’s already one of our favourite books for the Highly Sensitive Child.

17. I Don’t Like Birthday Parties by Maureen Gaspari

I Don't Like Birthday Parties - Book for Sensitive Children by Maureen Gaspari

Maureen Gaspari writes about Highly Sensitive Children on her website, Parenting the Highly Sensitive Child. The website provides support and resources for people raising sensitive children struggling with sensory challenges and anxiety.

In I Don’t Like Birthday Parties, Maureen walks readers through the story of Lucas. He wants to enjoy birthday parties like everyone else, but the sights, sounds, and sensations involved in the celebrations overwhelm him.

But when he gets an invite to his friend’s birthday party and decides to go, his plan to behave like everyone else fails. He then learns there are more ways to enjoy a party.

This story-based book will help you and your sensitive child understand why overwhelming feelings and overstimulation can stem from events that other children find normal.

18. 101 Ways to Help Your Highly Sensitive Child Empty their Bucket by Amanda Van Mulligan

Help Your Sensitive Child Empty their Bucket - book by Amanda Mulligan

What bucket, you ask?

When we came across this simple guide by Amanda Van Mulligan of Happy Sensitive Kids, that was our first thought.

And then we read a little more and it all made sense. So we will let Amanda’s book description on Amazon do the explaining.

A HSP’s nervous system quickly becomes overloaded which turns into a feeling of overwhelm. This manifests itself in many ways for a child – from tears to meltdowns.

It’s like carrying a full bucket around.

This book gives you tips to not only empty that bucket, but to help you help your child prevent their bucket from filling.

Amanda Van Mulligan, Author

And we will share a positive review we love to help you decide whether or not it makes for a good entry on our list of best books for the Highly Sensitive Person.

Really enjoyed this quick overview and theory of the buckets. I was able to quickly implement a few strategies and it seemed to work!! Excited to keep using more. I really like the “time-in” sessions with me kids. It worked well for my 4-year old and my 7-year old is excited to try it out.

Emma, United States

P.S: This is an e-Book. You will not get a physical copy.

Final Thoughts on Best Books for the Highly Sensitive Person

If you are wondering why the count ended at 18 and our promise in the title is 20, that’s because two books within the copy make the cut.

The two books are as follows:

19. Supporting the Highly Sensitive Child by James Williams (mentioned in number 2)

20. A Little Spot of Emotion Book Set  by Diane Alber (mentioned in number 8)

So we did not mislead you. There are 20 books for the Highly Sensitive Child in this list. Maybe even more.

And we hope you will find one (or multiple) of these books helpful in raising your sensitive child. Some are stories. Some are informative guides. And others are a combination of these two and more.

Happy finding the perfect book for your HSC!


With love and kindness,
Founder, HSP Tools

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