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14 Highly Sensitive People to Follow on Instagram

A Beginner's Guide to Understanding the Highly Sensitive Person

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Are you a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) on Instagram and wondering how to make your feed more sensitive-friendly?

Do you find the content on your Discover page too shallow and crave more meaning in the posts you see and interact with?

Well, if your answer is yes, don’t quit the platform just yet. Instead, find Highly Sensitive People to follow on Instagram.

That will change your experience with the platform and you will find that you are spending more time learning from your newsfeed than on other platforms.

Because when you carefully select the people to follow based on your personality needs, you are able to interact with people like you. And this introduces you to a world and community you are guaranteed to love.

So instead of randomly following celebrities, local gossip, and accounts trending on your Discover page, here is a list of Highly Sensitive People to follow on Instagram.

Highly Sensitive People to Follow on Instagram

Highly Sensitive People to follow on Instagram - HSP Tools

1. Louise Henning (@highlysensitiveperson)

Louise Henning Instagram Screenshot

Based in Sweden, Louise Henning is one of the most popular Highly Sensitive People to follow on Instagram. She describes herself as a creative daydreamer whose mission is to help sensitive souls embrace their sensitivity and live wholehearted lives.

And through her website, Studio Sensitive, Louise offers help and guidance for HSPs through online courses, guides, a crystal kit, and a monthly newsletter.

She has also recently partnered with Emma Bjorndahl (@emmabjorndahl) to create Highly Sensitive Health – a platform to inspire HSPs to achieve wellness in their body, mind, heart and Spirit.

Learn more about Louise Henning and her work helping HSPs on Instagram here and her website here.

2. Alissa Boyer (@lifebyalissa)

Alissa Boyer - Highly Sensitive Mentor - for People to Follow on Instagram

With over 100K followers, Alissa Boyer is another Highly Sensitive Person to follow on Instagram. She shares practical tips for Highly Sensitive People (in bold fonts and colours), has a podcast about HSPs, and offers coaching courses and programs via her website.

We first mentioned Alissa when listing her podcast, The Sensitive and Soulful Show, on our list of the best podcasts for the Highly Sensitive Person. So if you learned about her through that resource, thank you for being a returning reader.

As for Alissa Boyer, she has several resources for HSPs under her belt. Including a membership community, business course, self-worth program, and an entire vault of resources available for those who enrol.

And these resources are why Alissa is one of the people to follow on Instagram if you are a Highly Sensitive Person. Find her on Instagram here and browse her website here.

3. April Snow (@sensitivestrengths)

April Snow - Author and Therapist for Highly Sensitive People to follow on Instagram

With over 21K followers, April Snow joins this list of Highly Sensitive People to follow on Instagram as an Author and Licensed Therapist. April writes a blog with helpful advice for HSPs at and through a newsletter known as Dear HSP.

As an author, April Snow has two books in her name: The Management Workbook for Stress Relief and Find Your Strength – A Workbook for the Highly Sensitive Person. And as a therapist, April offers monthly support sessions to help HSPs slow down, reflect, and recharge.

Learn more about April Snow on Instagram here and on her website here. She also runs a second Instagram account dedicated to helping Highly Sensitive Therapists reduce burnout and achieve balance.

4. Alane Freund (@areyouhighlysensitive)

Alane Freund - Are You a Highly Sensitive Person Instagram

While she doesn’t have a large following like the people we’ve already mentioned, Alane Freund isn’t a new name in the Highly Sensitive Person community.

She teaches masterclasses on different topics related to High Sensitivity, writes a blog and weekly newsletter, runs different communities for different groups of sensitive people, and creates videos for her YouTube channel.

Alane works with all types of people, including families, parents, children, teens, women, and LGBTQIA+ through live events, courses, and 1:1 sessions.

Learn More about Alane Freund on Instagram here and on her website here.

5. Amy Pinnell (@sensitivesocialworker)

Amy Pinnell - the Sensitive Social Worker - Highly Sensitive People to follow on Instagram

From her Instagram handle, you can already tell what category of Highly Sensitive People Amy works with.

Amy Pinnell is a Registered Social Worker and a Highly Sensitive Person. Having had to find creative ways to deal with overwhelm and burnout, Amy creates resources to help other Social Workers thrive at work and at home.

She offers 1:1 consultations, online courses, guided meditation, a Facebook community, Card Decks, and other resources through her Instagram and website.

So if you identify as a Highly Sensitive Social Worker, Amy Pinnell is one of the best people to follow on Instagram. She has a following of 21K+ and regularly shares encouraging posts for social workers everywhere.

6. Natalie (@highlysensitivefamily)

Natalie - the Highly Sensitive Family

With over 83K followers on Instagram, Natalie is a Therapist and mom of two helping parents to better understand their kids and themselves.

She teaches masterclasses and online courses on various topics, writes a newsletter and blog, runs a Facebook community, and offers 1:1 sessions for Highly Sensitive Parents wanting to thrive.

And did we mention that Natalie has a free quiz you can take to know if you are a Highly Sensitive Parent?

Learn more about this quiz and Natalie when you follow her on Instagram here or visit her website here.

7. Dominee Calderon (@selfloverainbow)

Dominee - Self Love Rainbow Founder

If this is not the first time you are reading about Dominee or Self Love Rainbow here on the blog, you’ve probably seen our post on the 2023 Self-Care Planner by Self-Love Rainbow. It’s an annual planner that Dominee releases in the last quarter of each year.

So who is Dominee and why is she one of the Highly Sensitive People to follow on Instagram?

Dominee Calderon is a Writer, Digital Artist, Mental Health Advocate, and the founder of Self Love Rainbow (formerly Blessing Manifesting).

And while we don’t have a record of her identifying as a Highly Sensitive Person, her uplifting messages and products make her a resource for sensitive souls everywhere.

Seriously, just take a look at her recent posts on Instagram here to see what we are talking about. She also has an amazing self-care workbook that’s worth checking out.

8. Megan Meyer (@holy_hsp)

Holy HSP by Megan Mayer on Instagram

While Megan Meyer doesn’t have a large following on Instagram (690 followers), we thought she was an important inclusion for the Christian HSP community. Megan is a Highly Sensitive Person and Christian dedicated to encouraging sensitive Christians worldwide.

Through her Instagram page, @holy_hsp, and a Substack newsletter of the same name, Megan writes about common challenges HSPs face and uses the Bible to offer relatable advice on how to overcome them.

And what’s more? She welcomes everyone, even non-Christians, to read her content and find encouragement.

Follow Megan Meyer on Instagram and subscribe to her Substack Newsletter.

9. Kristen Schwartz (@realizedempath)

Realized Empath - one of the Highly Sensitive People to follow on Instagram

With 112K+ followers on Instagram, Kristen Schwartz is an Author, Podcaster and Coach for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People.

Kristen is the author of The Healed Empath and the host of the Realized Empath podcast. She offers support and resources through an online community, workbooks, journals, guided meditation, online courses, and 1:1 coaching sessions.

And starting mid-April, Kristen will be accepting enrollments for the Realized Empath retreat scheduled for January 2024.

These resources and her regular uplifting posts on Instagram make Kristen an important addition to this list of Highly Sensitive People to follow on Instagram. And yes, she is also an HSP.

Follow Kristen Schwartz on Instagram, and learn more on her website.

10. Michelle (@michelle_themindsetcoach)

Michelle the Mindset Coach - Highly Sensitive People to follow on Instagram

From her Instagram handle, you can already tell that Michelle is a Mindset Coach for HSPs and Empaths. She describes her work as helping sensitive souls turn their trauma into a passion so that they can become healers.

And Michelle must be doing something right with 113K followers on Instagram. She is the third most followed person on this list of Highly Sensitive People to follow on Instagram.

Michelle offers advice through regular Instagram posts, a free video series, a 3-day challenge, and a six-month online program.

Learn more about Michelle the Mindset Coach on Instagram here and read more on her website.

11. Lori L. Cangilla (@SingularlySensitive)

Lori C. Cangilla - Singularly Sensitive Instagram

Like with April Snow, Lori L. Cangilla offers assistance to Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) and Highly Sensitive Therapists (HSTs).

She runs a blog called Singularly Sensitive, offers free journal prompts, writes guest posts for HSP Journey, and provides clinical consultation for sensitive therapists.

And while Lori is the least followed person on this list (with 570 followers), our subscription to her weekly newsletter has made us forever fans. We love her practical tips and resources, and we think you will love them too.

And that’s why she’s part of the Highly Sensitive People to follow on Instagram. So check out Lori’s website to learn more and remember to follow her on Instagram.

12. Klara Kernig (@fittingrightin)

Fitting Right In- People to follow on Instagram

If you are a Highly Sensitive Person struggling with People Pleasing, you will love Klara Kernig. She specializes in teaching people-pleasers how to set boundaries, reduce guilt, and cultivate self-worth.

And being a former People-Pleaser herself, Klara seems to know what she’s talking about. She has 186K followers on Instagram and more than 1K subscribers on her Substack newsletter of the same name.

Klara also offers 1:1 coaching for anyone seeking to stop being a people-pleaser and become self-assured.

Follow Klara Kernig on Instagram to learn more and subscribe to her Substack Newsletter.

13. Lauren LaSalle (@laurenlasallecoaching)

Lauren LaSalle Coaching Profile on Instagram for Highly Sensitive People to follow on Instagram

Lauren LaSalle is a Licensed Therapist and a Boundary Setting Coach for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs). She is also the host of The Highly Sensitive Podcast, with 26+ episodes as of April 6, 2023, discussing issues affecting HSPs.

Lauren shares practical advice through her website, free Facebook community, newsletter, podcast, and 1:1 sessions. She also has free resources for HSPs that include a boundary-setting workbook.

But the main reason Lauren LaSalle is on this list of Highly Sensitive People to follow on Instagram is her role with her podcast. It is where she is most active, and she always publishes a post on her Instagram whenever there is a new episode.

That way, you get an alert about the interviewee as well as the topic of discussion. And then you can decide to either listen or wait for one that resonates.

Follow Lauren on Instagram and visit her website to learn more.

14. Jules De Vitto (@highly.sensitive.humans)

Highly Sensitive Humans - Jules De Vitto Profile on Instagram

We’ve talked about Jules De Vitto here on HSP Tools more than once. So if her inclusion on this list of Highly Sensitive People to follow on Instagram does not come as a surprise, we understand.

Jules De Vitto is the founder of Highly Sensitive Humans – a website and academy for Highly Sensitive People and coaches. She is also a Transformational Coach and educator teaching several online courses for sensitive people.

And as an example, Jules is the instructor for this online course teaching you how to coach Highly Sensitive People. The course starts in May and is open to professionals who want to specialize in coaching HSPs.

She is also co-hosting this HSP retreat with Dr. Genevieve Von Lob of The Highly Sensitive Revolution.

So with all these resources and others, it’s a no-brainer that Jules De Vitto is one of the Highly Sensitive People to follow on Instagram.

What You Need to Remember

Our list of Highly Sensitive People to follow on Instagram is in no way finite. These 14 people comprise the people we already follow and learn from. But this does not mean they are the only ones or that they will all resonate with you.

So as a Highly Sensitive Person, do your own research on the people you follow on Instagram. You want to have a list of people that encourage, uplift, and inspire you to be your best self. And these 14 do that.

They share inspirational and encouraging content for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) in a calm and welcoming way. Because they are sensitive themselves and understand that HSPs benefit more from compassionate love than tough love.

And you can tell this with each post.

So take your time going through this list of people to follow on Instagram and pick those you resonate with the most. And if there’s a person you already follow that we didn’t include, please leave a comment so others can find them.

P.S: We take note of the lack of men in this list of people to follow on Instagram. Their exclusion is not intentional. On our next update, please expect a list of Highly Sensitive Men to follow on Instagram.


With love and kindness,

HSP Tools.

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