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All HSP Courses by Julie Bjelland are 50% Off. Here are the Discount Codes.

All HSP Courses by Julie Bjelland Sale

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Are you looking for affordable HSP courses to help you go from surviving to thriving as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)?

Are the HSP resources you come across so expensive that you keep wishing there were more pocket-friendly options?

These HSP courses by Julie Bjelland are some of the most affordable online programs in the industry and are now available at a 50% discount.

The ongoing offer started as a holiday sale towards the end of last year, but it seems Julie Bjelland has kept it open until now.

The discount codes are different, though, so please take note.

Discount Codes to Get 50% Off Julie Bjelland’s Courses

Discover ongoing offers to HSP courses by Julie Bjelland

Each HSP course has a unique discount code, so read the entries below carefully to enrol at half price. And remember, all enrollments include 8 weeks free in the Sensitive Empowerment community.

1. Use FIFTYJOURNEY for Your Self Discovery Journey

Your Self Discovery Journey Online HSP Course by Julie Bjelland

Your Self Discovery Journey is the latest addition to the list of HSP courses by Julie Bjelland, officially going live in 2023.

The course helps Highly Sensitive People wanting to discover or rediscover themselves alongside fellow HSPs on a similar journey.

And unlike other self-paced HSP courses where the instructor is only available at select times per month, Julie Bjelland walks with you step-by-step.

Use code FIFTYJOURNEY to get 60% off. (Pay $199 instead of $399)

2. Use FIFTYTOOLS for The HSP Toolbox

Learn about the 50% offer on The HSP Toolbox Course by Julie Bjelland

The HSP Toolbox is one of the most popular resources in Julie Bjelland’s collection.

It shares holistic tools to help calm a nervous system and is the most comprehensive online course for HSPs you will come across.

The HSP Toolbox is an 8-week online program teaching over 30 tools and techniques, including breathing exercises, guided meditations, grounding practices, and more.

Use code FIFTYTOOLS to get 50% off. (Pay $199 instead of $399)

3. Use FIFTYBLOOMS for Blooming Brilliantly

50% Discount Screenshot for Blooming Brilliantly - One of the HSP Courses by Julie Bjelland

Blooming Brilliantly is the best online course for HSPs who recently learned about the trait of High Sensitivity.

It is designed to help Highly Sensitive People understand the HSP trait, make sense of their sensitive nervous system, clear negative energy, improve sleep and overcome other issues affecting HSPs.

After years of researching and working with highly sensitive and the neurodivergent from all over the world, I know the path to take to help you bloom brilliantly, and this course will walk you down that path.

Julie Bjelland – HSP Psychotherapist

Use code FIFTYBLOOMS for 50% off. (Pay $199 instead of $399)

4. Use FIFTYBRAIN for the Brain Training Course

Screenshot for 50% offer on The Brain training course for HSPs

Brain Training for the Highly Sensitive Person is our favourite pick from all HSP courses by Julie Bjelland.

It’s an 8-week online program sharing practical tips and techniques to reduce anxiety and overwhelming emotions, with results starting to show in the first two weeks.

So, if you’ve been struggling with anxiety, stress, and overwhelm, the Brain Training program will help you learn to navigate the challenges of High Sensitivity and unlock your unique gifts.

Use code FIFTYBRAIN for 50% off. (Pay $199 instead of $599)

5. Use FIFTYHEART for Grow Your Heart-Centered Business Course

Learn about Julie Bjelland's business course for HSPs

Grow Your Heart-Centered Business is an 8-week online program for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) who have always wanted to own an online business but are unclear on where to start.

It’s also for Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs (HSEs) who want to scale their business but are too overwhelmed to figure it out themselves.

So, if these descriptions appeal to you in any way, this online business course for HSPs is for you. Enrollment includes 8 weeks free in the HSP Business Group inside the Sensitive Empowerment community.

Use code FIFTYHEART for 50% off. (Pay $299 instead of $599)

Final Word on HSP Courses by Julie Bjelland

I don’t know how long the 50% discount on these HSP courses by Julie Bjelland will last – there’s no information on that.

However, I know that Julie has an incredible library of resources for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) and neurodivergent individuals. And these HSP courses are part of that list.

So, if you’re looking for affordable courses to help you overcome common HSP challenges and unlock your unique gifts, I suggest you take advantage of this offer while it still lasts.

Read through the programs to identify the one that suits your needs best, take note of the discount code, and then proceed to checkout.

P.S. All HSP courses by Julie Bjelland are self-paced and available to you forever, and enrollment guarantees you eight weeks in the Sensitive Empowerment community.



with love and kindness,

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HSP Courses by Julie Bjelland Sale

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