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HSP Support Groups: The Updated Guide to 17 Communities for HSPs

A Beginner's Guide to Understanding the Highly Sensitive Person

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Are you a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) hoping to find a support group online to connect with other HSPs?

This guide explores the importance of HSP support groups, shares examples, and guides you on how to find the right HSP community for your needs.

Because you see:

Being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) means you possess a heightened sensitivity to external and internal stimuli, which also means you often experience overwhelming emotions and may require additional support. 

And this is where HSP communities or HSP support groups come in. They provide a safe space for sensitive individuals to connect, share experiences, and learn coping techniques.

Learn more about HSP Support Groups

Before getting into our list of communities for HSPs, let’s learn a little more about High Sensitivity and explain what support groups are.

Who is a Highly Sensitive Person?

A Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) is an individual who possesses a personality trait known as Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS) or High Sensitivity.

This trait was first introduced by psychologist Dr. Elaine N. Aron in the 1990s. And HSPs make up 20-30% of the population.

As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), you are often more sensitive to external stimuli, emotions, and subtleties in your environment than the average person.

A go-to way to explain this HSP trait is through an acronym known as DOES, which stands for the following:

  • Depth of Processing – HSPs process information at a deeper level than other people.
  • Overstimulation – Since HSPs take in more than others, they often struggle with overstimulation.
  • Empathy & Emotional Reactivity – HSPs respond strongly to positive and negative experiences and have a higher capacity for empathy.
  • Sensing the Subtle – As an HSP, you notice the little things other people miss.

What is a Support Group?

A support group brings individuals together to share their experiences, feelings, and challenges related to a common issue or concern. 

These groups provide a safe, conscious, and non-judgmental environment for people to express themselves, offer and receive support, and learn from others who are going through similar situations. 

The primary purpose of a support group is to create a sense of community and understanding among its members. The groups can be in-person, online, or a combination of both.

What are Highly Sensitive Person Support Groups?

Highly Sensitive Person support groups are gatherings of individuals who share the trait of High Sensitivity and come together to provide mutual support, understanding, and encouragement. 

These groups offer a safe environment for HSPs to discuss their experiences, challenges, and strategies for coping with the High Sensitivity trait. 

While access to HSP support groups may vary depending on your location and the information available, this guide shares examples of communities you can find online. 

This way, you can join from anywhere in the world.

The Benefits of HSP Support Groups

So, what are the benefits of Highly Sensitive Person support groups? Or why should you highly consider being part of a support group for HSPs?

Below are three reasons why:

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All our resource guides are available as digital downloads. Tell us where to send this guide and it’s yours for free.

1. Understanding and Validation

Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) often struggle with being misunderstood. They deal with people calling them too sensitive or emotional and telling them they should toughen up

And this misunderstanding is more painful when it comes from family, friends, and co-workers. 

So, what does this HSP do to stop feeling so alone and abnormal? To finally feel understood and validated?

They join a support group for HSPs.

Being part of a group with fellow HSPs can offer a sense of belonging as it connects you with others who share similar experiences and challenges.

It can provide the understanding and validation you may have lacked all your life, helping you feel safe and loved.

2. Emotional Support

Dealing with intense emotions can be overwhelming for HSPs, especially when you are alone.

Support groups provide a safe outlet where individuals can express themselves freely without fear of judgment. 

Such spaces allow members to offer each other emotional support and share healthy coping mechanisms.

3. Coping Tools & Strategies

HSP support groups often host workshops or guest speakers who provide valuable insights into managing common issues related to High Sensitivity, including sensory overload, setting boundaries, and emotional overwhelm. 

These practical strategies can significantly improve the quality of life for many HSPs.

How to Find & Choose the Right HSP Support Group

With all the HSP communities available online, how do you decide which support groups are ideal for your journey?

In this section, learn about seven steps or tips to help you find and choose an HSP support group that works for you.

1. Conduct Online Research

The first step towards finding the right support group is to conduct thorough online research to identify HSP support groups near you or ones you can join from anywhere in the world.

We’ve started the search for you with the examples in this guide. But if you still feel our list is missing the kind of HSP community you need, dive deep into research.

Look for reputable websites, forums, and social media pages dedicated to HSPs. Many will usually share information on upcoming events, workshops or retreats. 

Attending such events or messaging the hosts may lead you to a regular group you didn’t know existed.

Also, don’t limit your search to support groups near you. Sometimes, the best communities are across the world, hosted by people you’ve never met or heard of.

2. Consult Local Resources

If your online search isn’t giving you the results you seek, another option is to contact local therapists, counsellors, coaches, and other practitioners working with HSPs. 

They may be aware of HSP support groups online or in your area and could recommend relevant resources to help you explore further. 

And because they specialize in treating and helping Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), they may be your best long-term resource.

But if there are none in your location, you can still contact the ones you find online.

3. Ask Your Network

Personal recommendations can be valuable, as they come from trusted sources who may have first-hand experience. So don’t hesitate to ask friends, family, or acquaintances if they know of any HSP support groups. 

This option works best for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) whose network knows and understands the High Sensitivity trait.

So, if you’ve heard someone in your circle talk about Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), they may know where you can find the best HSP support groups.

4. Evaluate Group Dynamics

Once you have an idea of support groups you’d like to consider, it’s time to attend a few meetings or sessions. This sampling will give you practical experience and help you decide which HSP support group to join.

And because being a Highly Sensitive Person makes you highly intuitive and perceptive, one meeting is enough to help you decide.

Ensure the atmosphere is supportive, non-judgmental, and inclusive. And look for a group that fosters open communication and encourages active participation. 

This evaluation process will help you find an HSP community that aligns with your values.

5. Consider the Facilitator’s Expertise or Values

If you gauge the group dynamics and find that you like the feel of the group, consider assessing the facilitator’s expertise and qualifications. 

This screening is necessary if you’re joining a group that offers insight into health issues such as Anxiety and Depression.

Ideally, the host or facilitator should have a background in psychology or counselling, as this ensures they can provide reliable guidance and maintain a safe environment for all participants.

But every community is different, and your priorities will depend on your current needs.

Some HSP support groups exist solely to provide a safe space for people to interact, vent, and express themselves. Such groups do not require the facilitator to be an expert; they only need someone who shares your values.

6. Think about the Group Size

Because HSPs find discomfort in a crowd, a large community may sound like the worst idea. But Highly Sensitive People have other traits that make them different. 

So, you don’t have to stick to a smaller and more intimate group if that’s not your style.

Consider your preferences when it comes to group size. Do you prefer a smaller HSP support group or a larger HSP community? Both options have their advantages. 

Smaller groups may offer a more personal experience, while larger communities provide a broader range of perspectives and support.

7. Check the Group’s Schedule

HSP support groups have independent schedules. They may meet weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or annually. It all depends on the availability and preferences of group facilitators and members.

And because you can’t join a group and propose a different schedule to what’s already there, look for a community that meets your preference.

Many groups will share their meeting times on their information page. Go through available times and decide which schedule works for you. 

Another factor to consider is whether you prefer in-person meetings, online video sessions, or a combination. Look for these details in the group description to help you decide.

17 HSP Support Groups You Can Join Today

We have explained who is a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), what is a support group, and specifically, HSP support groups, and shared the benefits of joining one. 

We have also covered seven factors to consider when choosing an HSP community to join.

This part of the guide explores available support groups or communities for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs). 

1. The Sensitive Empowerment Community with Julie Bjelland

This HSP support group is created and run by Julie Bjelland – a Psychotherapist specializing in High Sensitivity.

It’s a membership-based HSP community bringing together fellow HSPs to discuss life’s issues and support anyone who needs it.

Inside the Sensitive Empowerment Community, you will find smaller HSP support groups to help you deal with issues like depression, business challenges, getting older, and more.

Those support groups are as follows:

  • Spiral Up Depression Support Group: for HSPs navigating depression.
  • Sensitive Sages Group: for HSPs of ages 60 years and over.
  • Soul Sanctuary Group: for Highly Sensitive persons of colour.
  • A Safe Space (LGBTQ+): for HSPs in the LGBTQ+ community.
  • HSPs in Heart-Centered Business Group: for Highly Sensitive Business Owners.
  • Your Self-Discovery Journey Group: For HSPs on a journey to self-discovery. (This group is part of an online course)

Joining the Sensitive Empowerment Community will cost you $40 per month.

2. Are You Highly Sensitive Community with Alane Freund

Alane Freund is an International Consultant on High Sensitivity (ICHS).

She helps Highly Sensitive youths, teens, adults, and the LGBTQ community use their trait of High Sensitivity to thrive in this world.

She also runs a monthly membership community for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) called Are You Highly Sensitive (AYHS).

Joining the community will give you access to Alane Freund’s sensitivity circles, workshops, and events. These sensitivity circles are smaller support groups that meet online every month.

They include the following:

  • Sensitive Sisters Circle – a group for Highly Sensitive Women.
  • HSQ Sensitivity Circle – a meetup group for LGBTQ+ HSPs.
  • Wise Women and Wonder – for HSPs of ages 55 and over.
  • Parenting Sensitivity – for parents of Highly Sensitive Children and Youth.
  • HSPs in Relationships
  • HSPs at Work

Are You Highly Sensitive (AYHS) charges $37 per month.

3. The Haven Community with Andy Mort

The Haven is a virtual home where Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) find space and support to rest, re-frame, and rebuild from the inside out.

Andy Mort, a sound artist, songwriter and slow coach, is the creator of this membership community for sensitive souls and gentle rebels.

Joining The Haven community will give you access to a library (to explore archived resources), a café (where the discussions take place), a fireside (for one-on-one conversations), and more spaces tailor-made for you. 

It will also give you access to a monthly online conversation and bi-weekly sound anchors. These are online events that non-members can also enjoy.

The Haven is available at a monthly fee of $15.

4. HSP Men’s Group – Online Meeting with William Allen

The HSP Men’s Group Online Meeting is a group of Highly Sensitive Men that gather twice a month via video conferencing. 

Group discussions centre around HSP topics, particularly those that affect HSP males.

William Allen, the author of Confessions of a Sensitive Man, On Being a Sensitive Man, and The Sensitive Man blog, is the creator of this online support group for HSP men.

The group is free to join and occasionally hosts HSP thought leaders to share their personal experiences and practical insights.

Please note: The HSP Men’s Group is restructuring (as of December 2023). Please check the resource page to learn more and stay up-to-date.

5. The Sensitive & Strong Community Café by Cheri Gregory

The Sensitive & Strong Community café is a membership-based support group for Highly Sensitive Christian Women. Cheri Gregory – a coach, speaker and author is the person behind this community.

It allows members to connect with other Christian HSPs, attend weekly Zoom calls, access recorded workshops, and explore more resources at their own pace.

This HSP community hopes to help HSP Christian women reduce overwhelm.

Joining The Sensitive & Strong Community Café will cost you a monthly fee of $49.

6. HSPs Psychology & Support Community Meetup – Hosted by Cindy Gale

Cindy Gale is passionate about creating a true community for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), as defined by the research of Dr. Elaine N. Aron.

She started this group to support anyone interested in learning more about what it means to be an HSP and to provide a space for HSPs to help one another. 

The group has both offline and online meetings. The latter is why we included it in this guide.

7. HSP Resilience Circle with Melissa Noel Renzi

Imagine a community of people who have all been called too sensitive that come together to share and learn while genuinely affirming one another.

The HSP Resilience Circle by Melissa Noel Renzi is that kind of community for HSPs. It offers a supportive space where Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) can learn to thrive and have meaningful connections.

The circle meets one Saturday a month for 90 minutes on Zoom, with meetings happening over a 3-month block. The next block is from January to March, and registration to join the circle opens on January 2nd.

The standard rate for the 3-month package is $65.

8. Highly Sensitive Parent Community – Monthly Support by Lauren LaSalle

Are you a Highly Sensitive Parent looking for a community to connect with other HS parents and receive coaching support?

If yes, you might like the Highly Sensitive Parent Community – a monthly membership hosted by Lauren LaSalle.

The community features a monthly live meetup to discuss experiences as sensitive parents, share coping strategies, and support each other.

It also includes personalized resources after every meeting and a safe space to ask questions, vent, and learn more about parenting and high sensitivity.

This community is a paid membership, charging $30 per month.

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9 -17. HSP Support Groups on Facebook

The first seven Highly Sensitive Person support groups are not on social media platforms. All you need is an online connection and login credentials.

They are for people who prefer to find support away from the pressures and noise of most online platforms – a common preference for many HSPs.

But if you want to browse available HSP support groups on Social Media, this section shares a list of Facebook groups for the Highly Sensitive Person.

1. Elaine Aron and High Sensitivity 

With over 7.9K members, this is a private Facebook group about being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). It shares content from Dr Elaine Aron and other related research and content about the trait.

To join this group, you need to answer three questions to help the moderators get to know you more. 

The group is by members of the International Consultants on High Sensitivity (ICHS) – a professional group of HSPs from different countries who are well-versed in the scientific research of the trait. 

2. Highly Sensitive People 

With over 50K members (as of the time of writing this), this group for HSPs started in 2008 and is active today. 

The Facebook group approaches discussions about Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS) as defined by Dr. Elaine Aron. And before joining, the group recommends reading her book, The Highly Sensitive Person.

3. Highly Sensitive Refuge 

Based on the HSP blog of the same name, this Facebook group is an extension of the online community by Jenn Granneman and Andre Solo.

The private group has over 16K members (as of writing this) and daily interactions. 

Its mission is to prove that people with High sensitivity can be strong and that the world could use more of what HSPs have.

4. Highly Sensitive People Support Group

With over 6K members (as of writing this), the Highly Sensitive People Support Group is what the name suggests – a support group for HSPs.

Members are free to discuss personal topics related to being an HSP, provided they follow content guidelines.

5. Highly Sensitive Parents 

As the name suggests, this is a Facebook group for sensitive parents looking for more balance, flow and purpose in life. 

The group shares information, inspiration, and support to help Highly Sensitive Parents feel less alone.

With over 7K members, this group is by Karin Monster-Peters – an energy management and life purpose coach.

6. Services for Highly Sensitive People

Want to promote your products or services to an HSP audience? This Facebook support group is for you. 

Services for Highly Sensitive People is a public group providing a space for people to offer services tailored to Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs).

And as for an interesting fact, the group is a child of the second group in this list – Highly Sensitive People. It has over 4K members.

7. Natural Health for the Highly Sensitive Person 

This group is one of the most specific communities for HSPs in this list. 

It offers support and space for high-sensing people who want to learn how natural health can unlock the power of their sensitivity.

At the time of writing this, the group had 970 members.

8. Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs 

As the name suggests, this is an online support group for sensitive entrepreneurs. 

It has over 2K members and is a product of Business Miracles – the platform for Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs (HSEs) and Leaders by Heather Dominick.

The group wants to help you learn how to do things differently without sacrificing your own needs so you can make more of an impact and income in the world.

9. My Highly Sensitive Child Community

Previously known as Supporting the Highly Sensitive Child, this online community for HSPs is a product of James Williams – a mindful dad, author and integrative counsellor.

With over 12K members, this online support group provides a safe place for parents and caregivers of Highly Sensitive Children. 

It offers a place to connect and support each other by sharing personal experiences and relevant resources.

Final Word on HSP Support Groups

Participating in HSP support groups can be a life-changing experience for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs). 

Such communities help to provide understanding, validation, and practical strategies to help you navigate the unique qualities of being an HSP with confidence and resilience. 

So, take the first step today to research and find an HSP support group that suits your needs.

This guide shows you where to go, shares examples of groups to join, and helps you know what to look for when choosing. Now it’s your turn to decide.

And most importantly, let these HSP support groups remind you that you are not alone on this journey.


P.S. Do you know of an HSP support group that should be in this guide? Let us know.

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