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The Heal Your Nervous System Book Is Now Available for Purchase

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Quick Summary: In the Heal Your Nervous System Book, Dr. Linnea Passaler is sharing her renowned 5-step healing process with the public – not just members of her online coaching program. The book released to the public on January 9th, 2024.

Did you know that a dysregulated nervous system is the root cause of your anxiety, stress, burnout, and many chronic health conditions?

Did you also know that you can overcome these issues by influencing three biological factors affecting the health of your nervous system?

According to Dr. Linnea Passaler, founder of Heal Your Nervous System (HYNS) and creator of the Nervous System Solution, the following three factors are responsible for dysregulation:

  1. Natural Sensitivity: The more sensitive your nervous system, the higher the risk of dysregulation.
  2. Stress Processing: Traumatic experiences leave lasting impacts that make it harder to manage stress.
  3. Mitochondrial Efficiency: Any dysfunction in mitochondria leads to a dysregulated nervous system.  

So, if you can learn to control these three components, you can reverse the state of your nervous system from a place of dysregulation to a place of healing. 

Enter the Heal Your Nervous System Book, by Dr. Linnea Passaler.

About The Heal Your Nervous System Book by Dr. Linnea Passaler

Dr. Linnea Passaler has perfected a 5-step healing process to help Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) like you overcome chronic symptoms by reversing their dysregulated nervous system. 

She teaches this proven process in her popular membership program – The Nervous System Solution.

And now, for the first time, she is releasing this 5-step process to the public through a new book available from January 9th, 2024.

The Heal Your Nervous System book teaches Highly Sensitive People how to influence the three biological factors causing dysregulation so they can overcome anxiety, burnout, stress, and other chronic symptoms.

It takes HSPs through these five stages of healing:

  • Awareness
  • Regulation
  • Restoration
  • Connection
  • Expansion

These are the same stages Dr. Linnea Passaler teaches in her in-depth healing solution for HSPs. 

So, if you can’t yet afford to enrol in her long-term coaching program and achieve relief from your dysregulated nervous system, the Heal Your Nervous System book is a great alternative.

Get your copy today to unlock these three bonuses:

  • stress management toolkit with five somatic practices to help regulate your nervous system.
  • Video training with Dr. Linnea on how to shape your stress response. (She shares this training in the book, so you’ll get early access).
  • Guided practice session to teach you the skills you need to move from a place of high activation to a state of calmness.

Go here to learn more about the Heal Your Nervous System book.


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