The 10 Things HSP Handbook – A Simple Way to Understand the Highly Sensitive Person

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Are you a sensitive person who just learned that High Sensitivity is an inborn human trait?

Do you find available information about Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) overwhelming?

In The 10 Things HSP Handbook, explore a simple way to understand the Highly Sensitive Person by focusing on six main topics highlighting ten things you need to know.

You will also access important HSP resources at the click of a button.

So, if you are overwhelmed by all the resources and tips about HSPs on the web, this HSP handbook consolidates the crucial stuff in one place.

About The 10 Things HSP Handbook

The 10 Things HSP Handbook by HSP Tools

Imagine having a go-to resource whenever you want to learn more about issues affecting HSPs, such as Anxiety, Sensory Overload, Stress, People Pleasing, Setting Boundaries, etc.

Imagine always knowing where to find more information because you have a collection of links leading you to the exact resource you are looking for.

And imagine the time you would save going through different websites and social media platforms to find that one book, podcast, or support group you found but can’t remember the name or where you saw it.

That’s what The 10 Things HSP Handbook is all about. It gives you access to important information and resources to help you go from struggling to thriving as a Highly Sensitive Person.

And it provides a simple way for HSPs to understand High Sensitivity by focusing on one topic at a time.

These topics or chapters include the following:

1. Abbreviations

HSP is one abbreviation among many in the industry. This handbook covers all the abbreviations, so you never have to wonder what HSL, HSS, HSE, and others mean.

2. Frequently Asked Questions 

The best way to learn anything is through asking questions. This handbook for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) answers common questions people ask to help you understand what it means to be an HSP.

Read More: 10 Frequently Asked Questions about HSPs.

3. Research Studies 

What does the research say about being Highly Sensitive? Are all Highly Sensitive People Introverts? If these questions spark your curiosity, learn more about them in The HSP Handbook.

4. HSP Tests

If you know you are an HSP, you’ve already taken one HSP test. Maybe the one by Elaine Aron? Or the other one by Julie Bjelland? Whichever it is, this handbook for HSPs has an entire chapter about HSP quizzes.

Read More: 7 Free HSP Tests for You and Your Child

5. HSP Experts 

When you are new to something, someone with more experience can help you understand it since they know everything about it. And learning about High Sensitivity is no different. So The HSP handbook shares a list of people you can learn from.

Imagine having a direct link to every resource you might need about Highly Sensitive People (HSPs). This chapter in The HSP Handbook links you to podcasts, journals, blogs, websites, courses, free classes, and more resources (100+) in one step. 

These are the chapters available today in The HSP Handbook. And more are coming to it as we work hard behind the scenes to include more chapters with more detailed information.

If you buy The 10 Things HSP Handbook today, we will send future updates to your email at no cost. 

And please note: the new handbook will hit the store with a new price. So get the original version today at a low cost, and then get the more inclusive copy sent to you for free.

Who Needs The HSP Handbook?

Nothing is for everyone, and this handbook for Highly Sensitive People is no different. So before you purchase, and to avoid any regret, please take a moment to examine if this handbook is for you.

The 10 Things HSP Handbook is for you if:

  • You are new to the trait of High Sensitivity and want to understand what it’s all about.
  • You just learned you are a Highly Sensitive Person by taking one of the free tests.
  • You want to support an HSP in your life, even though you are not sensitive.
  • You want a go-to resource that links to over 100 other resources you might need in your HSP journey.
  • You are overwhelmed by all the information about HSPs and want one single guide telling you where to look.
  • You can’t find the resources you seek from your online searches and are tired of reading through blogs and websites.
  • You love having all your bookmarks in one place and categorized by topic for easy access. If so, think of The HSP Handbook as the ultimate folder for your bookmarks about High Sensitivity.
  • You are a coach wanting to equip your clients with more resources to cover the topics you don’t specialize in.

So if any of these describe you, get your copy of The HSP Handbook today.

On the other hand, The HSP Handbook is NOT for you if:

  • You have known about the HSP trait for a long time.
  • You have all the resources you need to thrive as an HSP.
  • You keep up with new research studies to stay up to date.
  • You always know where to go whenever you need more information about High Sensitivity.

So if any of these entries describe you, The 10 Things HSP Handbook might not be a good fit. But you can still purchase it as a gift for someone who might need it. 

Why 10 Things?

The official name of this handbook for Highly Sensitive People is The 10 Things HSP Handbook. We use it on the cover and repeatedly inside the book.

The 10 things concept is something that I, the founder of HSP Tools, use in my daily life. You see, I find the number 10 an easy way to remember and make plans. 

The way I see it, if I know ten things about something, I will have found a basic understanding. And if I can plan for ten things or ten days, I will gain momentum for the next 10.

It’s a system I’ve found helpful in my day-to-day planning and living. It means I don’t keep weekly, monthly or yearly plans. Instead, I have a 10-day plan for everything. 

You might find this concept confusing, but it helps me get through the weekend without seeing Monday for the #MondayBlues it’s known for. 

To me, it’s just another day in my 10-day plan.

So borrowing from this personal lifestyle, we bring you The 10 Things HSP Handbook

It has six chapters, each focusing on one topic you may need to know about the Highly Sensitive Person.

Every chapter has ten entries or items about the topic in question. And these entries are the ten things to help you better understand what it means to be an HSP.

We have tried to keep it simple and concise to reduce overwhelm. After all, you are a Highly Sensitive Person and we know how overwhelming life can be.

So dive in, and we hope you enjoy learning at least ten things from this handbook. And if you take in more than 10 (because they are 60+ in total), that would make our day.

Final Word about The 10 Things HSP Handbook

Think about The HSP Handbook as a large folder for all your bookmarks and notes about Highly Sensitive People. 

It’s there whenever you need it, easily accessible across all your devices, and the information you need is only one click away. 

And purchasing this handbook for Highly Sensitive People would mean stopping the endless scrolling while trying to find a particular tool for your HSP journey.

So, what do you say? Does The HSP Handbook sound like an important resource you might need in your journey to thriving as a Highly Sensitive Person?

Get it today! And then get future updates sent to you for free.


For any questions you might have, use the form below to send us an email.

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