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Save the Date! The Sensitive Men Rising Documentary Will Air on Father’s Day (June 16, 2024)

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Have you heard of the Sensitive Men Rising documentary? It’s the first-ever film for and about Highly Sensitive Men.

The documentary has been in development for about five years, and it will now be available to the public on Father’s Day, June 16, 2024.

Top HSP experts, practitioners, celebrities, and fellow Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) will feature in the documentary to share their stories, expertise, and insights.

Sensitive Men Rising will be free to watch for the first three days, starting Sunday, June 16, at 3.30 pm PST. 

After that, viewers will watch the documentary through donations to the Foundation for the Study of Highly Sensitive People.

Registration details will be available soon.

More about the Sensitive Men Rising documentary

Learn about the Sensitive Men Rising Documentary premiere

Created through a collaboration between filmmakers and HSP researchers, the Sensitive Men Rising documentary is the first-ever film focusing on Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS) in men.

Previous documentaries, movies, and films have focused on the SPS trait without specificity on gender but still featuring Highly Sensitive Women, researchers and families.

But now, for the first time, Sensitive Men Rising will shine a light on the experiences of Highly Sensitive Men and showcase the research we know so far. 

Will Harper, an Emmy Award Winning director, and Tracy Cooper, PhD, an author and advocate for Highly Sensitive Men, are the co-producers of Sensitive Men Rising.

The two have been working with Dr. Elaine N. Aron and Dr. Arthur Aron and the Foundation for The Study of Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) to bring this film to life.

Sensitive Men Rising is now a 3-part docuseries with one-hour episodes. It will air worldwide on June 16, 2024, at 3.30 pm PST. 

Please convert to your timezone and save the date.

Details on where to register will be available soon.

What to Expect at the Sensitive Men Rising Premiere

According to Tracy Cooper, PhD – one of the film’s co-producers, the Sensitive Men Rising documentary will air three one-hour episodes with 15-minute breaks.

The breaks will feature Q&A sessions with guest speakers, and the docuseries will air free for the first three days.

This groundbreaking series will be available for FREE worldwide for three days as a gesture of gratitude for your unwavering support.

Tracy Cooper, PhD.

Peter Coyote will host the Sensitive Men Rising documentary, Alanis Morissette will make a special appearance, and Dr. Elaine Aron, Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman, Prof. Michael Pluess, Tom Falkenstein, and Luke Goss will be among the interviewees offering insights into the film.

Read this post for more details. 

Final Word on the Sensitive Men Rising Documentary

If you remember nothing about what I’ve said so far about the Sensitive Men Rising documentary, remember this:

  • The Sensitive Men Rising documentary will premiere on Father’s Day (June 16, 2024).
  • The documentary will be free for three days and then available to watch through donations.
  • The showing time is 3.30 pm PST. (Please convert to your timezone to save the date)
  • The documentary is a docuseries with three one-hour episodes with 15-minute intermissions.
  • Guest speakers will be answering questions during the 15-minute breaks.

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