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10 Things to Do When You Discover You’re a Highly Sensitive Person

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So you’ve taken this free sensitivity quiz and found out you’re a highly sensitive person (HSP).

Now what?

Do you sit with that information and continue living life as you were? Do you keep struggling with your sensitive people’s problems because that’s the life you’re destined to live? 

Or do you learn everything there is to know about high sensitivity and fall in love with being an HSP?

In this post, we take a look at 10 things to do when you discover you’re a highly sensitive person.

Let’s dive in. Table of Contents

10 Things to Do When You Discover You’re a Highly Sensitive Person

10 things to do as a Highly Sensitive Person

1. Download this Free Letter Explaining High Sensitivity

Once you’ve found out you’re an HSP, it’s important to understand exactly what that means. And there are several ways you go about this – most of which are listed in this post. But we highly recommend you download this free letter explaining high sensitivity.

It explains what it means to be an HSP, the advantages and disadvantages, and common misdiagnoses HSPs receive, and includes resources to help you live your best HSP life.

2. Take a Free Masterclass

After understanding your new-found trait of high sensitivity and what it means to be a highly sensitive person (HSP), consider taking a free masterclass for HSPs.

Here at HSP Tools, we have a list of 5 free masterclasses you can take to understand how high sensitivity impacts various areas of your lives.

And out of that list, here are 3 masterclasses we highly recommend:

3. Read and Follow a Blog or Website about HSPs

Blogs and websites are always great resources when you want to learn more about a certain topic. And lucky for you, there are several blogs and websites about high sensitivity and being an HSP.

We already have a list of 8 blogs for HSPs on our site. But to help you get your feet wet without the overwhelm, here are 2 websites and 3 blogs we highly recommend.

Websites for HSPs

Blogs for HSPs

4. Listen to a Podcast about HSPs

If you prefer listening to podcasts over reading blog posts, you’ll be happy to know there are several podcasts about HSPs out there. In fact, we’ve previously compiled a list of 16 podcasts for HSPs.

But for the purpose of this particular post, here are 3 podcasts to start you off.

5. Join a Community for HSPs

Embarking on a new journey is always better with a community you can rely on for support and direction. Because as the old saying goes, “If you want to go faster, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

And that’s why support groups like AA exist.

So after discovering you’re an HSP, a community of other HSPs may be the best place to find support and answers to your questions. And here at HSP Tools, we recommend the following HSP communities:

6. Meet and Learn From HSP Experts

While reading blogs, listening to podcasts, and joining communities for HSPs are good, it’s even better when you know the top players. And by top players, I don’t mean top influencers of the industry (even though they’re important too), I mean the Psychologists and Researchers specializing in high sensitivity.

The people we’re simply referring to as HSP experts. These people’s daily lives revolve around learning more about HSPs and sharing that knowledge with the world. And here are the HSP experts we highly recommend:

7. Read a Book about High Sensitivity

Blogs and websites are great places to read about high sensitivity and being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). But you know what’s even better? Reading a book that’s been written and put together to address specific issues facing HSPs.

Because books are more in-depth and discuss a topic to completion.

Here are HSP tools, we have a list of 11 books for HSPs and another list of 10 books for the highly sensitive man. But in general and for the purpose of this post, here are the HSP books we recommend you start with.

8. Enroll in a Course for HSPs

After you’ve explored the free resources for HSPs, it’s time to enrol in an in-depth course for HSPs. Or if you prefer to avoid the free stuff altogether and dive deep into a well-researched online course for HSPs, you need to do this.

Here at HSP Tools, we have a list of 6 HSP Courses you can take. But we highly recommend starting with these three.

  • Blooming Brilliantly – A course teaching you to understand and love who you are as a highly sensitive person (HSP).
  • Brain Training for HSPs – A course about techniques to reduce anxiety and overwhelming emotions. With results experienced within 2 weeks of the study.
  • The HSP Toolbox – A course sharing holistic tools to calm a sensitive nervous system. Based on tools that have worked great for many HSPs

9. Download these Free Guides

It would appear we weren’t done with the free stuff. And that’s because here at HSP Tools, we love to curate free resources that benefit HSPs who may not be able to afford a paid resource.

So here are a few free HSP guides to help you sleep better, stay calm, explain high sensitivity to your therapist, and live your best HSP life.

10. Share Your HSP Knowledge With the World

When you finally understand your trait of high sensitivity and what it means to be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), it’s time to share this knowledge with the world. Because you never know who in your circle could also be highly sensitive and need a better understanding of themselves.

There are several ways to share your HSP knowledge and we’ve already covered most of them in this post. You can:

  • Start a Podcast about HSPs
  • Start a Blog about HSPs
  • Write a book about HSPs
  • Become an HSP coach

And if you feel becoming an HSP coach is something in your alley, here’s an accredited 3-month course to get you certified.

In the End

These 10 things to do when you discover you’re a highly sensitive person (HSP) are to help you live your best HSP life.

Because when you understand what being an HSP really means, you can let go of the belief that being sensitive is your greatest weakness. And you can learn to leverage the strengths of high sensitivity in your daily life and finally thrive.


  1. download that free letter
  2. take that free masterclass
  3. read that blog
  4. listen to that podcast
  5. join that community
  6. learn from that HSP expert
  7. buy a book about HSPs
  8. enrol in that HSP course
  9. download those free HSP guides, and 
  10. share your HSP knowledge with the world.

Basically, do what you need to do to live your best HSP life and make the world a little better for HSPs.


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2 thoughts on “10 Things to Do When You Discover You’re a Highly Sensitive Person”

    1. Hello Shawnz and thank you for leaving a comment.

      You can support someone with the HSP trait by helping them understand that this trait is innate and normal. The free letter we shared in this post (see number 1) does a great job of explaining what it means to be an HSP.

      You can also support them by sharing an HSP resource they can learn from.

      And here at HSP Tools, we link to various books, podcasts, courses, and even communities. See below a few links to get you started and feel free to search our blog for more HSP resources.

      Free Classes: 6 Free HSP Masterclasses You Can Take Today (These cover specific issues, such as Anxiety, Sensory Overload, etc).
      Books:13 Best Books for the Highly Sensitive Person (Number 5 by Dr. Elaine Aron is a great place to start).
      Podcasts: 16 Podcasts for the Highly Sensitive Person (Number 5, The HSP Podcast with Julie Bjelland will get you started.)
      Courses: Online Courses for the Highly Sensitive Person (We recommend starting with a free class before taking a course. So you know if it’s the right course for you.)
      Communities: Check out this category. (The Sensitive Empowerment Community offers great value)

      We hope you find these resources useful in supporting that HSP in your life.

      With love and kindness,
      Founder, HSP Tools

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