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13 Newsletters for the Highly Sensitive Person

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Are you a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) who is still partial to email as their preferred mode of communication? And do you think newsletters addressing your topics of interest are a great resource or tool?

If your answer is yes, you will love today’s post. We are sharing 13 Highly Sensitive Person newsletters you might like. The newsletters share content for and about Highly Sensitive People (HSPs). And they are written by fellow HSPs.

We hope you love this list of HSP newsletters as much as we do. And if you know of another newsletter that should be part of this list, please let us know in the comments. Or, if you prefer, send us an email.

Here are 13 Highly Sensitive Person Newsletters You Might Like

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1. Highly Sensitive Refuge 

This HSP newsletter is part of the blog and community created by the writers of Sensitive, Andre Solo and Jenn Granneman. It shares the latest articles from the Sensitive Refuge HSP blog, recommends resources, and shares a personal note from Andre.

To learn more about this Highly Sensitive Person newsletter, visit Sensitive Refuge – the blog, and then subscribe here.

2. Julie Bjelland’s Newsletter

Julie Bjelland is a Psychotherapist specializing in High Sensitivity. She creates and shares several resources for sensitive people on her website, including an HSP newsletter.

And because of the many resources under Julie’s belt, her Highly Sensitive Person newsletters are highly comprehensive. Go here to learn more about Julie Bjelland and her newsletter.

3. Highly Sensitive Weekly 

Written by Lauren Hunter, the Highly Sensitive Weekly newsletter is part of HSP Journey – a blog and website for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs). The newsletter shares recent posts from the HSP Journey blog and arrives in subscribers’ inboxes every Thursday.

Visit HSP Journey to learn more about Lauren Hunter and the Highly Sensitive Weekly HSP newsletter.

4. Alane Freund’s Newsletter

Alane is an international consultant, speaker, and therapist for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs). 

She has three decades of experience, leads at least six HSP communities (or Sensitivity Circles as she calls them), and offers educational workshops, retreats, and online programs for HSPs everywhere.

And if you’ve known about the Highly Sensitive Person trait for some time now, you probably already know more about Alane. Visit her website here to learn more and subscribe to her HSP newsletter.

5. The HSP Revolution 

This is one of the 7 Highly Sensitive Person newsletters hosted on the Substack platform. It’s owned and written by Dr. Genevieve Von Lob – a Clinical Psychologist working with Highly Sensitive People (HSPs).

The newsletter goes out weekly for paid subscribers and monthly for free subscribers. Visit The HSP Revolution homepage to learn more and subscribe.

6. The HSP Edit 

This is another of the Highly Sensitive Person newsletters on Substack. It’s written and owned by yours truly, HSP Tools. And it shares the latest practical tips, tools and resources for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) from the web.

It’s like the highlight version of HSP Tools, but with more entries and shorter text. If you are yet to subscribe, check it out here to see if it’s a good fit.

7. Holy HSP + Rooted in Christ

You can already tell from the name that this HSP newsletter is for the Highly Sensitive Person who is also a Christian. It’s owned and written by Megan Meyer, a fellow Christian HSP.

And it shares encouragement and tips for sensitive people craving solutions with a Jesus angle. Visit Holy HSP on Substack to learn more about this Highly Sensitive Person newsletter.

8. The HSP Advantage 

Another Substack newsletter, The HSP Advantage is one of the freemium Highly Sensitive Person newsletters on this list. Meaning it has free and paid subscription options.

Free subscribers get an occasional public post about HSPs and Empathic people, while paid subscribers get weekly posts. The HSP Advantage is owned and written by Empathic and Highly Sensitive People.

Visit their homepage here to learn more.

9. A Quiet Moment

If reading about the life of a fellow Highly Sensitive Person is something you enjoy, A Quiet Moment is that kind of HSP newsletter. It’s owned and written by Whitney Barkman, a Highly Sensitive forest-wandering introvert.

And it shares her life journey as she explores quiet spaces to pause and reflect. Also, she uses nature-based photos for all her newsletter entries, and it’s so calming. Visit A Quiet Moment on Substack to read some and learn more.

10. The HSP Chronicles

Like with A Quiet Moment, this HSP newsletter by Monica Rockwell follows the writer’s life journey as a Highly Sensitive Person. It shares her views and experiences on Sensitivity and life in general.

And it’s free for all at the moment, so check it out here to learn more and decide if it’s your kind of newsletter.

11. The Creative Mind

While all the Highly Sensitive Person newsletters in this list focus on one topic – HSPs, The Creative Mind incorporates more related niches. The newsletter is owned and written by Douglas Eby, and it shares information and inspiration for Highly Sensitive, Creative, and High Ability people.

Some of the materials shared include articles, quotes, videos, and podcast episodes from artists, Psychologists and authors. Learn more about The Creative Mind newsletter here on Substack.

12. Solace for Sensitive Souls

Owned and written by Rev. Katie Grace, the Solace for Sensitive Souls newsletter shares “nuggets of wisdom on self-care, parenting and relationships that help Sensitive Souls access their spiritual superpowers.

And while it does not focus on the Highly Sensitive Person as defined by Dr. Aron, the encouragement and advice Rev. Katie provides will resonate with many HSPs. Visit the Solace for Sensitive Souls newsletter homepage to learn more and subscribe.

13. Thoughts for the Thoughtful

Owned and written by Cliff Harwin of The Highly Sensitive Person Publishing Company, Thoughts for the Thoughtful is a bi-monthly (twice a month) newsletter for HSPs. It goes out on the second and last Thursday of every month and shares the latest tips and advice from Cliff’s blog.

If you subscribe today, you will get a free eBook by Cliff Harwin on “17 Powerful Tips to Thrive as a Highly Sensitive Person“. Thoughts for the Thoughtful is one of the 5 Highly Sensitive Person newsletters not on the Substack platform. Go here to learn more.

Final Word on Highly Sensitive Person Newsletters

8 of these 13 Highly Sensitive Person newsletters are on the Substack platform. That means they are not necessarily attached to a blog or website like most newsletters. The other five are blog or website based, so it helps to know the host platform first.

But knowing or not knowing doesn’t affect the content you receive. It’s only a good practice that influences your decision on which HSP newsletter to subscribe to.

And because all Highly Sensitive Person newsletters on this list share helpful information and resources for your HSP journey, only your preference counts. So take your time, explore this list, learn more about the newsletters, and then select the one(s) you like best.


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