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Why You Should Avoid Too Many Opinions as a Highly Sensitive Person

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My head is hot.

It’s full of too much information I’ve jammed into my mind today. 

You see, I’ve had one of those days. 

The days when I read too many blog articles to count and watch too many online videos. Days when I have had too many mental influences in my headspace.

I’ve read all the words today. 

A lot of words. Some of them were interesting, but most of them were merely mental entertainment.

I see myself as a sapio-romantic. A term I’m coining for my love of learning and ideas.

I have a burning desire to pick the brains of great thinkers. But some days, I can’t get enough inspiration. And the learning is just too much.

Still, if I’m being honest:

Over-learning can be a form of procrastination.

Sometimes, underneath all that hunger for information is a way for me to avoid doing the things that move me in the right direction. 

Learning, reading, and listening to the opinions of others online or offline can merely be a distraction. A way for us to avoid the real inner or outer work that needs to be done.

Social media platforms have opened portals to useful edutainment and wisdom. 

But it has also opened the floodgate for us to be exposed to constant advertising, opinions, tips, webinars, expert insights, etc.

How to fast from too many opinions as an HSP

We need space to think clearly.

Being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), all these inputs and distractions can be too much. All the mental noise from people’s opinions can make it hard to think clearly. 

To hear my own voice. 

I often feel disconnected from my intuition when I’m in this state. It’s like everyone is an expert these days, apart from us. And this state of disempowerment is not one I want to embrace.

I have buzzed about today in this half-here state of overwhelm and mental fog. It’s a wonder I have some clarity to be writing this essay. 

I’m deciding on going information-lite tomorrow. To fast from so many opinions of others.

Sometimes, we leave making changes until the next day. And that is okay. 

I do not think that we must climb mountains daily to make positive behavior changes.

Sometimes, gentle is enough.

As a Highly Sensitive Person, I often find that subtle, less aggressive changes in behavior are most effective. 

I don’t feel drained by needing a mountain of willpower to make things happen.

So tomorrow, I’m not going to read any blog posts or jam-pack my mind with the thoughts of others. 

I want to meet my own thoughts. To befriend and dance with them. See what new presents they have to offer.

Our minds need ample space to breathe. 

We all need space to process the vast information flying our way daily. 

As humans, we are not designed to encounter too many ideas, musings, opinions, and tips in a day. Yet, with the advent of the internet, we’re all privy to a mountain of information at our fingertips.

On the surface, this seems so indulgent. All that information is just waiting to be accessed for whatever reason. 

But as Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), it can all be too much. 

So, it’s helpful to allow ample space to clear our thoughts. Space to process all the information we’re exposed to. 

Space to just be.

Because there’s a sweet intellectual hedonism in relaxing our minds. In musing, contemplating, and reflecting. Instead of ever adding new information or imagery to our minds. 

Having space and time to just be can be a modern luxury if you let it. But as Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), we often feel more balanced and whole when we afford ourselves this space. 

The space to slow down on the online (and offline) content so we can create even more space in our minds. And sharpness in our thoughts.

I’ve found this fasting very refreshing.

We need to reclaim more peace in our lives.

If you’re a Highly Sensitive Person, easily overwhelmed, or only want to live simpler. I recommend you fast from all the input online and offline every now and then. 

It will help you cultivate more peace and serenity in life.

It will also help relax your nervous system and dampen any mental anxieties over time. And it will afford you time to shape your opinions and be led by your inner guidance system. 

This way, you’ll reconnect more with your inner wisdom and intuition rather than that of a thousand voices.


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