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This Page Recommends 200+ Resources to Parents of Highly Sensitive Children (HSCs)

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Are you one of the parents of Highly Sensitive Children (HSCs)? 

Do you want resource recommendations to help your sensitive child thrive in an overwhelming world?

On this Page on Amazon, discover over 200 resources carefully curated to help you learn more about your child and guide them into strong, sensitive adults.

The selection of resources is by Maureen Gaspari of Parenting the Highly Sensitive Child.

About the Resources for Parents of Highly Sensitive Children

Resource Recommendations for Parents of Highly Sensitive Children

If you’re wondering what kind of resources you will find on the Amazon page, find below a list of items to expect.

  • 7 Books for Parents of Highly Sensitive Children (HSC)
  • 11 Children’s books for the HSC
  • 10 Books to help with self-regulation
  • 5 Cooperative Games 
  • 17 Weighted blankets, wraps, and body pillows
  • 22 Gift ideas for the HSC parent
  • 23 Back to school items for HSCs
  • 45 Sensory gift ideas

And more.

Visit this Page on Amazon to explore the recommended resources yourself. Pick what works for you and your Highly Sensitive Child (HSC), then leave the rest.

About Maureen Gaspari

Maureen is the parent of two Highly Sensitive Children (HSCs) and the founder of Parenting the Highly Sensitive Child – a website and community sharing resources for HSC parents.

She’s also the author of My Book of Brave – a journal helping sensitive kids manage scary feelings, and I Don’t Like Birthday Parties – a children’s book about being different.

Maureen is also the admin of Parents of Highly Sensitive Children – a free Facebook community with over 5K members.

Final Word on the Amazon Page by Maureen Gaspari

I learned about the existence of this Amazon page from Maureen’s Twitter (X) account. 

She often shares resources to help parents of Highly Sensitive Children, and these recommendations are part of that.

I hope that you’ll find something helpful in the list to help you and your HSC thrive in this overwhelming world.


Want to know if you’re raising a Highly Sensitive Child? Take one of these tests.

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