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HSP Blogs: Your Guide to The Best Blogs & Websites for Highly Sensitive People

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When you take a free HSP test and discover you are one of the 20-30% of people who identify as Highly Sensitive individuals, you may want to learn more. 

And this is where HSP resources come in. They provide more information about being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and share practical tools to help you overcome common HSP challenges.

Some of these resources for Highly Sensitive People may include books, blogs & websites, online courses, support groups, free masterclasses, and experts on the trait.

In this comprehensive guide, explore some of the best HSP blogs and websites to follow and learn more about High Sensitivity.

The Best HSP Blogs and Websites (Listed by Category)

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One of the reasons our blog shares guides to HSP resources is to help you find what you need fast. 

So instead of leaving you to navigate an entire list of resources without direction, we try hard to add them to categories. And that’s the case for this guide to HSP blogs and websites.

We will start with the general category (ideal for all HSPs) and then niche down to the different types of HSPs: HSP men, HSP kids, HSP therapists, etc. And we hope you will find a resourceful HSP blog that works for you.

Best Websites and Blogs for Highly Sensitive People

1. HSPerson.Com 

This HSP website is by Elaine Aron – the researcher who conceived the term Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). And she’s the reason many HSPs continue to feel seen and validated.

At, you will find the latest HSP research, books, a directory of HSP therapists and coaches, events about HSPs, and a blog sharing insights from Elaine N. Aron.

2. SensitivityResearch.Com 

If you want to keep up with the latest research on Sensitivity, this website is for you. And while it’s not specific to High Sensitivity or the HSP trait, it shares the latest information on all types of Sensitivity.

Sensitivity Research also shares three sensitivity tests to help you (and your children) know where you score on the sensitivity scale. And it’s the only research-focused blog in this list of best HSP blogs.

3. Sensitive Refuge 

Many HSPs are familiar with this HSP blog and community as it happens to be one of the largest and most popular. The name Sensitive Refuge is more recent, though, and you may know it as Highly Sensitive Refuge.

However you call it, this blog and website for HSPs is your home for practical advice and tips to help you on your HSP journey. It shares articles from different people about different topics. 

And if you are looking for an HSP blog with relatable stories and lifehacks, Sensitive Refuge may be what you need.

4. JulieBjelland.Com 

Julie Bjelland is a licensed Psychotherapist specializing in the trait of High Sensitivity. 

On her website at, you will find a library of HSP resources. The collection includes a podcast, an online community, free masterclasses, online courses, a blog and directories for HSP therapists, coaches, and other professionals.

Visit the website to explore these resources for yourself.

5. AlaneFreund.Com

Alane Freund is a licensed therapist and an International Consultant on High Sensitivity (ICHS). She helps various types of Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), including children, teens, families, parents and LGBTQ+.

On her website at, discover a monthly membership community, upcoming HSP events, sensitivity circles, an HSP blog, and a newsletter sharing tips and resources for your HSP journey.

5. HSP Journey

Owned and edited by Lauren Hunter – a certified HSP coach on a journey to better understand her trait, HSP Journey provides a safe space for HSPs to be themselves.

The blog shares advice and practical tools for the Highly Sensitive Person and invites other HSPs to share their stories and coping strategies. And in addition to these, HSP Journey has a weekly newsletter called Highly Sensitive Weekly.

6. Singularly Sensitive 

The next entry in our list of best HSP blogs and websites is by Lori L. Cangilla, PhD – a Psychotherapist, Author and fellow Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

On this website, learn more about Lori’s Singularly Sensitive approach to helping HSPs, find HSP journal prompts, read her blog, and subscribe to her newsletter to receive HSP tips and resources.

And if you are looking for psychotherapy services, Lori offers 1:1 sessions to HSPs and consulting services for mental health professionals.

7. Sensitive and Strong

This blog is for the Highly Sensitive Christian Woman. And it’s owned by Cheri Gregory – a fellow HSP, Christian, Coach, Author and Speaker.

On Sensitive and Strong, find a free HSP quiz, books about Sensitivity, an online course to help calm an overwhelmed heart, a newsletter, a membership community, and an HSP blog.

This is the only Christian-based blog in this guide to HSP blogs and websites.

8. Sensitive Evolution

Sensitive Evolution is an HSP website and blog by Maria Hill – a fellow Highly Sensitive Person and author of The Emerging Sensitive. 

It discusses the many challenges of being an HSP, focusing on making participation in the world easy. And it offers an online library, blog, newsletter, books, and other resources.

Visit the website to learn more about Maria Hill and the joys of having the HSP trait.

9. Highly Sensitive Humans 

Owned by Jules De Vitto, a licensed coach and educator for Highly Sensitive People and the professionals who serve them, Highly Sensitive Humans is an all-encompassing website.

It provides help to HSPs and HSP practitioners through an academy with online courses, a membership program, an HSP blog, and a newsletter.

10. Sensitive Strengths 

Owned by April Snow – a licenced therapist and consultant, Sensitive Strengths is one of the HSP blogs catering to Highly Sensitive Introverts and therapists.

The site provides practical advice and resources through workshops, downloadable guides, online courses, books, a newsletter, and an HSP blog. 

This site is one of many HSP blogs and websites by April Snow, including Expansive HeartSensitive Therapist, and her official consulting website.

So if you find yourself redirected to one of these sites, know you are in the right place.

11. HiSensitives 

HiSensitives is a personal growth platform for Highly Sensitive People and Empaths. Its mission is to provide practical tools in one place and connect you to people to help you grow and thrive as a sensitive empath.

Because according to the site’s About page, “being highly sensitive and empathic is a true gift. Once you discover and implement the personal growth hacks that fit your personality, you can transform your life and truly thrive.”

HiSensitives provides help to HSPs and Empaths through an HSP blog, Facebook community, free downloads, and digital products.

12. Sustainably Sensitive

Owned by Emily Agnew – a Focusing and Bonding teacher and fellow HSP, Sustainably Sensitive is a place for sensitive, creative and anxious souls.

It helps Sensitive People feel understood, develop skills, and find support to break free from Anxiety and shame. 

Through Sustainably Sensitive, Emily offers help to HSPs through free downloads, a newsletter, 1:1 sessions, online courses, and an HSP blog. 

13. HSP Tools 

A list of the best HSP blogs and websites is incomplete without an entry by us, Don’t you agree?

Here at HSP Tools, find resource guides to various HSP tools and resources, a blog with tips and advice from HSP experts, a weekly newsletter, and The HSP Tools Handbook – a comprehensive guide to HSP resources. 

Best Blogs for the Highly Sensitive Man

Many HSP blogs and websites are by women, few are by both a man and woman, and fewer are by men. For this reason, many Highly Sensitive Men don’t find the unique support they need.

In this category, explore HSP blogs for and by sensitive men.

1. The Sensitive Man 

Created by William B. Allen – the author of Confessions of a Sensitive Man and On Being a Sensitive Man, The Sensitive Man blog is a site for Highly Sensitive Males.

It features articles addressing issues affecting sensitive men, a newsletter, and a community for HSP men with bi-monthly meetings.

Visit the website to learn more about the HSP men in your life.

2. DrTracyCooper.Org 

Tracy Cooper, PhD is an International Consultant on Highly Sensitive People, a Professor of Education, and an advocate for Highly Sensitive People, High Sensation Seeking Highly Sensitive People (HSS/HSPs), and Highly Sensitive Men.

On his website, Dr. Tracy Cooper shares insights on navigating life as a Highly Sensitive Man, his books on High Sensitivity, and the latest changes in HSP research. 

And while it’s not focused on HSP men, It’s one of the HSP blogs written by a man, with the majority of content being male-focused.

3. The Highly Sensitive Person 

Cliff Harwin is an author, coach and fellow HSP. On The Highly Sensitive Person website, he shares his insights and expertise through books, a blog, a newsletter, and 1:1 coaching.

And while his HSP blog isn’t specific to an audience of Highly Sensitive Men, Cliff Harwin writes from his perspective as a husband, father, business owner, and HSP.

For this reason, we believe his blog would benefit an audience of HSP men more than it would a general audience.

4. Andy Mort

Andy Mort is a songwriter, sound artist, and professional coach for Introverts and Highly Sensitive People. 

Through his coaching, Andy guides HSPs and Introverts in letting go of limiting beliefs so they can live in sync with their natural rhythms.

And on his website, find help through a blog, newsletter, podcast, and a membership community known as The Haven.

Best Blogs and Websites for Highly Sensitive Kids

1. Happy Sensitive Kids

Started by Amanda Van Mulligen, this blog is about inspiring and supporting parents to raise confident, Highly Sensitive Children who flourish because of their sensitive traits.

It shares advice and practical tools to help caregivers and educators support HSP kids and encourage acceptance and understanding among them.

The blog offers support through a blog, free downloads, and books for sensitive kids.

2. Parenting the Highly Sensitive Child

Owned by Maureen Gaspari – a mother of two Highly Sensitive Boys, Parenting the Highly Sensitive Child offers insights into the challenges and joys of raising HSCs.

The blog offers support through a free online library with resources to help HSP kids, free downloads, a Facebook community, a blog, books, digital products, and online courses.

Final Word on HSP Blogs and Websites

These HSP blogs and websites are those we know of, have read, and love. They were harder to classify than other resources on the blog, but we tried to be as inclusive as possible. 

So, did you find an HSP blog or website you love and are now following? Let us know in the comments.

Also, we add to this list whenever we encounter a site for and about Highly Sensitive People (HSPs). So if you know of a blog that should be part of this list, don’t hesitate to mention it in the comments. 


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