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6 Free HSP Masterclasses You Can Take Today

Masterclasses are a great way to dive deep into a particular topic.

And when you’re a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), those topics could include grief, anxiety, depression, people-pleasing, setting boundaries, burnout, and sensory overload, among many others.

Please find a list of free HSP masterclasses in this post to help you better understand how to deal with significant issues affecting Highly Sensitive Persons.

Not only to understand but also to equip you with the necessary tools to help you live your best HSP life.

Here are the Free HSP Masterclasses

Free HSP Masterclasses you can take today

1. Understanding High Sensitivity + Tools to Help You Thrive

Are you new to being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)?

And would you benefit from a free 25-minute class teaching you everything you need to know about being an HSP?

If your answer is yes, this free masterclass on understanding the trait of high sensitivity is for you. It’s taught by Julie Bjelland, a Psychotherapist specializing in High Sensitivity.

And at completion, you’ll receive a free download with Julie’s recommended list of resources to help calm and balance your sensitive nervous system.

Register Here.

2. High Sensitivity and Anxiety

This free HSP masterclass explores why anxiety is so high in Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs). It also shares tools and resources to help you reduce anxiety and thrive to your fullest potential.

Julie Bjelland, a Psychotherapist specializing in the trait of High Sensitivity, is the creator and host of this masterclass. And this is one of the most popular and valuable free HSP masterclasses you will find.

Register Here.

3. How to Set Healthy Boundaries and Why It’s Essential for Wellness as an HSP

Do you struggle with setting healthy boundaries? You’re not alone. Setting boundaries is a common struggle for Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs).

But this doesn’t mean condemning you to a life without boundaries. On the contrary, you can always learn to set healthy boundaries and live a more fulfilling life.

And this free HSP masterclass, also by Julie Bjelland, will teach you the best way to set boundaries and why doing so is essential for your wellness.

Register Here.

4. Tools to Help the Sensitive Thrive in a Chaotic World

Imagine having a toolbox with everything you need to thrive as a Highly Sensitive Person. A toolbox with all the resources you need to help calm a sensitive nervous system.

Would you want to have such a toolbox?

This gem is another favourite in this list of free HSP masterclasses as it introduces you to The HSP Toolbox – a collection of resources and tools that HSPs worldwide use to thrive in this chaotic world.

And these are tools that have worked before and continue to work today.

Learn More Here.

5. Sensory Overload and the Highly Sensitive Person

Among the many issues HSPs struggle with, Sensory Overload is at the top of that list. That’s why you often feel challenged by your high sensitivity and constantly wonder why people call you “too sensitive” or “too emotional”.

In this free HSP masterclass, learn what Sensory Overload is, how it manifests in you as a Highly Sensitive Person, and the tools and techniques you need to help reduce it.

Register Here.

6. Reach Financial Freedom by Growing a Heart-Centered Online Business You Love

According to Julie Bjelland, a Psychotherapist specializing in High Sensitivity, many gifted HSP healers struggle financially. Yet, the potential for financial freedom in such online businesses is high.

This free HSP masterclass teaches you the techniques Julie has used to grow a thriving online business. It will show you the mistakes most entrepreneurs make, the tips and tricks to implement, and the resources you’ll need along the way.

And this is the only business-oriented class in this list of free HSP masterclasses. So if one of your goals this year is to start or grow an online business, consider taking this class.

Learn More Here.

In the End

These free HSP masterclasses will help you learn more about your HSP trait. They cover essential issues affecting HSPs, such as anxiety, sensory overload, boundaries, and overwhelm.

So pick the one that speaks to you most, register, and share with us what you learn.


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